Review: Australian Meat Pies []

Here’s the brief Wikipedia definition of the Australian meat pie:

An Australian meat pie is a hand-sized meat pie containing largely minced meat and gravy sometimes with onion and often consumed as a takeaway food snack. It is considered iconic in both Australia and the neighbouring New Zealand. The popular brand Four’N’Twenty produce 50,000 pies per hour and Australians consume an average of 12 meat pies each per year

Twelve seems low; that’s what I could eat in a week of heavy pub-crawling. When I lived in Australia, I was thrilled to discover the meat pie; I stand by my assertion that no food better serves the drunken student masses, with their needs for grease, meat and carbs.

But where could I find them in the U.S.? This weekend, Chomposaurus reviewed four pies from the Brooklyn store and online meatpie outlet; our panel of reviewer’s thoughts lie below.

#1 Chicken Pot Pie
We started off with these zesty pies, filled with fresh chunks of white meat, potatoes and carrots, all in a creamy chicken gravy. All four testers thought these pies had the best “fresh from the oven” taste. The chicken was moist and the vegetables tasted like real vegetables. Above all, the pies could easily be substituted for a “real” chicken pot pie. In fact, one of the testers said this was his favorite of the bunch.

#2 Steak & Cheese Pie
Wow. There are few concepts in the world better than a flaky, fresh pie crust stuffed full of giant chunks of beef and gooey melted cheese, and that’s why these pies became an instant hit. The flavor and texture felt just right, and halfway through we all knew these were the best of the bunch, and for three of us they were our favorite. If you only get one pie from dubpies, get the steak and cheese.

#3: Shepherd’s Pie
These pies were unique, because they came with a big swirl of mashed potatoes on the top. Inside was more beef and a few other strange little chunks; but unlike a real shepherd’s pie, there were no vegetables to be found. Although there was nothing particularly wrong with these pies, everyone agreed they were the worst of the bunch, and the only ones not really worth eating. Despite the decorative crust, they weren’t an adequate replacement for a big casserole dish of real shepherd’s pie, with its think layers of mashed potatoes and gravy infused with meaty gravy. Indeed, these pies contained no real gravy, just some gooey chunks that did not hold much flavor.

#4: Mince Meat & Cheese Pie

Mince meat is simply a term for ground beef, sometimes with a lot of spices added. In this case, the mince meat pie has plenty of beef with a lot of texture, and the onion gravy was thick and rich. Everyone liked it, but it took a back seat to the steak & cheese, because the mince meat pie was basically the same thing, except without the heavenly big chunks of meat.

Overall, provided us with tasty food that was quite satisfying. We were initially worried that two per person would not be enough, but three out of the four of us couldn’t finish that much. If you live in Brooklyn (or nearby), you’re in luck – these shops are a great place to stop in for a taste of Australia. Is it worth it to have them shipped to you, given the costs – probably $30 or $40 per order? Yes, if you’re getting a large amount and intend to have a party of some sort. But while they come in a unique shape, the pies did not present any unique flavors that would be new to the typical American meat eater. Come get some when you visit Brooklyn, or order someyou’re your next Boxing Day party; in other situations, you might try making some yourself!

As usual, we encourage you to recommend your own sources for meatpies, whether they be restaurants, stores or recipes. And tell us your drunken meatpie stories below!

6 Responses to “Review: Australian Meat Pies []”

  1. Out of control. I just discovered these in the East Village at a place called Tuck Shop, Im gonna post on it in the next few days so keep an eye out. How money are these bad boys? Which was your favorite?

  2. I have had fantastic adventures with pasties, which are a British/midwestern America meatpie. Fillings vary according to region, but my all-time favorite was a London shop’s sweet potato, onion, pea, and steak pasty.

  3. kingbiscuitpants Says:

    Meat pies of all sorts have been a lifelong weakness of mine. From the first time I grabbed a Meat patty at the jamaican bakery I was hooked for life. From a culinary point of view I am endlessly thankful I grew up in a Jamaican/Vietnamese neighborhood.

  4. Hi!. Thanks for the blog. I’ve been digging around looking some info up for shool, but there is so much out there. Google lead me here – good for you i suppose! Keep up the good work. I will be coming back in a few days to see if there is any more info.

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