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Capitalism for Vegans

Posted in Chicken, MEAT POLITICS with tags , , on April 23, 2008 by chomposaurus

freedom tastes like chickenHow can PETA get people to stop eating delicious meat?  By throwing money at them!  In a move surprising for its creativity but standard in its capacity for extreme publicity, the animal liberation group is sponsoring a contest to develop commercially viable in vitro meat.  I discussed this lab-grown tastiness in a previous post.

The rules of the contest are simple: make the meat, make it taste like chicken (shouldn’t be hard, so many things do), then sell it to people.  If you do so before anyone else, you get a cool million.  Not a bad deal.  And you have four years to do it.

Of course, some people at PETA actually objected, according to this NYTimes article.  I blame them for the fact that my Tofu Pups seem to taste less and less like real hotdogs as time goes by.