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3 Years of Sushi

Posted in Seafood with tags , on February 15, 2008 by chomposaurus

To celebrate our 3 year anniversary, Lyndsey and I had sushi for three nights in a row here in Boston.

We started out at Sushi Express, our favorite cheap sushi place ever. We had six rolls, but the best, as always, were the sweet egg roll and the spicy salmon roll. It’s fantastic sushi for $3-$4 per roll. And the best part (for Lyndsey) is the giant box of unlimited ginger at every table.

The next night we ate at Fugakyo, a fancy two-story affair near Coolidge Corner. We started with some very delicious veggie gyoza – it tasted super fresh. The dough was melty and the veggies were varied and delicious. Not your average Trader Joe’s frozen variety gyoza. We followed it up with six rolls, all of the massive and delicious. I enjoyed the Pine-tato Roll (sweet potato and pineapple), and Lyndsey and I both enjoyed the Lousiana Roll (featuring fried crawfish) and the Sake Papaya Maki, which came with its own sweet lemon sauce. The Spicy Snow Crab Maki was good too, but it was not spicy enough for me. Overall, this is probably the best sushi I’ve had in Boston, but also the most expensive.

And on the third night, we got lazy and took an uber short walk to Fin’s, the sushi den on Chestnut Hill between Cleveland Circle and my apt. Fortunately, it is crazy delicious. This time we tried the Mexican Roll, one of my favorite varieties. This version had spicy tuna, avo and tobasco, which was quite good. I also had a huge bowl of mixed tempura there – definitely enough for two people.

So despite their culinary deficiencies in some departments, Allston and Brighton have sushi for everyone.