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Your Sunday Protein, 5/11/2008

Posted in MEAT POLITICS, Pork with tags , on May 11, 2008 by chomposaurus

This sunday, I’m getting some musical protein in DC at the Radiohead show, so here are a few stories to tide you over.

Pork, Chicken Prices May Be Next to Rise
An AP article on the continuing increases in meat prices around the world, including here in the U.S. Do your part: stir-fry a little tofu or have a salad now and then.
“Your Portal on Global Pig Production” – if you want to nerd out about the business and logistical side of breeding and farming pigs, this is your site.

Retailers using DNA to Track Meat
Another AP article; this one covers the use of DNA to improve safety and accuracy in meat sales; some producers aren’t so sure it’s worth the cost.

Green Fork Blog
A thoughtful blog about responsible, renewable eating. Good resource!

Enjoy your spring grilling!

Your Sunday Protein, 5/4/2008

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Greetings. Each sunday I’ll be finding five or six good articles about the world of meat, whether it’s a restaurant review, a profile of a person in the industry or a look at the politics of eating. It’s just like your regular sunday newspaper, except it’s dripping delicious fat!

Dept. of Procurement: The Meat Doctor
A short take from the New Yorker about buying meat for restaurants.

Corn Ethanol Loses Support

Wall St. Journal looks at the rapidly decreasing support for this biofuel, which is helping to drive up food prices (and making it more expensive to feed cows & pigs).

South Koren Government says U.S. Beef Safe
In case you didn’t know, there’s a big controversy about South Korea’s decision to reopen its borders to the United States’ tainted beef. There are many good articles about the subject.

Top Chef vs. Hell’s Kitchen
Salon discusses the huge gap between the two chef-driven reality shows. All that beef causes drama.

Finally, since tomorrow is May 5, some Cinco de Mayo video recipes. I love me some Ropa Vieja.