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Corn Dog Pizza; Or, Why You Will Soon Be Fatter

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From the beautifully simple new blog, This is why you’re fat.

Yak! (The Animal & The Sound)

Posted in STRANGE MEAT with tags on October 3, 2008 by chomposaurus

Chomposaurus covers our share of strange meat products. But we can’t come close to Weird Meat, a blog devoted specifically to one man’s quest to eat and drink the strangest culinary adventures the world has to offer. Yak patties? No problem. Deer penis wine? Yaaaak. You see how it goes.

Check out his master list to see what Chomposaurs aspires to… kind of.

[Picture, from Weird Meat, of Sea Horse Soup]

Meaty Blog Update

Posted in STUFF ABOUT MEAT with tags on September 19, 2008 by chomposaurus

Enjoy some smokin’ hot links.

All Things Barbecue / Pellet Envy
Competition BBQ team blogs about their successes and techniques.

Cured Meat Blog
Pretty much exactly what it sounds like. For those of you who need more pancetta in your life.

Superb Vietnamese recipes

He had me at “fried mayonnaise.”

Offal Good
The tagline says it all: the guide to good guts

Best New York City Meat Blogs

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Eating in New York City can be like trying to have sex with an extra-terrestrial on Mars: you’re in a strange place, and you just don’t know where to begin. And a search for “NYC Food Blog” won’t necessarily help, since the city is magnet for the type of gourmet hipsters that just love to write up whatever $80 meal they enjoyed before puking it up during some binge drinking and replacing it with 3 free hotdogs from Rudy’s. That’s why I’ve found the best places to read about cheap NYC eats.

The title of best NYC food blogger goes to NYCFoodGuy, whose incredibly detailed and helpful entries about diners, burger joints, taco trucks and everything else cheap and tasty in the city make for essential reading, whether you’re moving into your Williamsburg loft or sleeping on a friend’s couch in Morningside Heights for the weekend. Go to his site, and within five minutes you’ll have found lunch and dinner spots for the next three weeks.

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Best Meaty Blogs in Town

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Click here for our new page dedicated to keeping track of new meat blogs. Whether they be regional reviews or reports focused on a specific type of meat, you can find the best carnivorous reporting here at Chomposaurus. E-mail us at the address on the sidebar if you have a blog you’d like to suggest.

Hot Chicks with Burgers

Posted in Burgers with tags , on May 7, 2008 by chomposaurus

I love blogs that do what they say. Hot Chicks with Burgers has but one purpose: show pictures and videos of hot chicks eating burgers.

Such a simple combination, yet so magnificent.