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Beef Riots Erupt in South Korea

Posted in MEAT POLITICS, World of Meat with tags , , on June 10, 2008 by chomposaurus

Apparently, Koreans have done a particularly good job of convincing themselves that American beef is teeming with mad cow disease, even though the cases reported here have been small and isolated. They could be right – there’s certainly a lack of adequate oversight here, so we could all be dead in ten years – but it’s unlikely. Either way, the South Korean government’s decision to reopen their markets to American beef has been met with gigantic protests.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators filled central Seoul to protest [the] agreement to resume suspended imports of American beef and to denounce a broad range of other government policies… Overhead, large balloons carried banners that read “Judgement day for Lee Myung Bak” and “Re-negotiate the beef deal.” One widely distributed leaflet said: “Mad cow drives our people mad!”

Of course, what they’re really protesting is a stagnant economy and high oil prices, but there aren’t as many catchy slogans for that. I’m just glad that we have a chance to talk about “beef riots” with a straight face.