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Monday Protein: Goat Is The New Cow

Posted in STUFF ABOUT MEAT with tags , on October 20, 2008 by chomposaurus

The NYTimes – one of the few papers regularly covering the meat crisis – takes a look at one cow rancher’s very dramatic change of focus.

The meat Mr. Niman and a handful of other boutique farmers are producing is more delicate than the older, imported goat that is served at Pakistani curry houses, Jamaican jerk stands and taco trucks all over New York.

At a recent goat tasting in the Blue Hill at Stone Barns kitchen in Pocantico Hills, N.Y., Mr. Niman’s young goat was compared to pan-seared and roasted loin and shoulder cuts from both a small Vermont grower and what the chef Dan Barber called “commodity goat.”

The commodity goat was slightly musty and chewy. The Vermont goat was as tender and mild as lamb. The Niman goat was like lamb, too, but a lamb with a big personality. The meat was sweet and vegetal. The fat, what little of it there was, tasted rich but felt lighter than olive oil.

(Above: Goat meat and fufu (mashed cassava) cooked in a stew in Ghana)