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Two Pounds of American Grease

Posted in Restaurant Burgers with tags , on April 28, 2008 by chomposaurus

It won\'t fit!
Eagle’s Diner, in Brighton, MA, looks like a simple storefront greasy spoon. But inside lies a sacred place in the hamburger world: for it is here that you can order the Challenge Burger, 5 pounds of beef, 20 slices of cheese, 20 slices of bacon and 5 pounds of fries. The price? $50 – but it’s free if you can finish it. No one ever has.

My friend Amanda & I met at Eagle’s this weekend, and we were on a mission. Sadly, the mission was *not* to eat the Challenge Burger, since I needed to survive to write a blog about it. Instead, we picked the item a few places down on the menu: a pound of beef and a pound of fries for just $9.75. It’s enough to feed four small children. That’s why they call it Godzilla.

(Some might recall my discussion of Eagle’s Burgers from my Best Burger Update.)

I ordered my Godzilla with American cheese, medium rare, with everything on it – an everything that includes pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, raw onions and mayo. Amanda ordered the same but with Cheddar instead of American; then, we sat and waited for ten minutes, sipping our drinks like prisoners waiting for their last meal. Finally, our numbers were called. Godzilla had emerged!

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Best Burger Update

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Hot Sauce
This list was posted on Facebook. I’m adding an extra burger at the end. And I moved Houston’s up the list, because their burger just gets better and better.

1. Eagle’s Deli : Brighton, MA
Gigantic burgers filled with delicious meat. The ultimate slab of beef. It’s only 5 minutes from my house, but the burgers are so big that I can only eat there once a month. Come visit me and I will take you to carnivore heaven.

2. Houston’s : Orlando, FL (and elsewhere)
The BBQ Burger at this place is to die for. It’s slathered with sauce and enough bacon to clog an elephant’s aorta. It’s greasy in the best way: the whole thing is lightly soaked, but it’s still fun to pick it up and dive in. This is the 2nd biggest burger on the menu – and the only one that gives Eagle’s a run for the money on quantity of flavor.

3. In-n-out Burger : West Coast, USA
Any place that has “secret” items not listed on the menu gets a few extra points from me. Fortunately, this fast-food house of worship has the best secret sauce and the most tender burgers as well. Add in the unique toppings (like grilled onions) and you will quickly find burger ecstasy.

4. Dick’s Drive-in : Seattle, WA
This is what McDonald’s burger should be; for a buck fifty you get a deluxe with a tasty thin patty, shredded lettuce, and a slathering of mayo. A true bargain, since flavor is not sacrificed. I love Dick’s!

5. Shake Shack : New York, NY
The only burger I’ve bought that tastes just like my dad’s homegrilled creations. You can tell it was freshly made by the loose texture (not to mention the fact that you probably waited 45 minutes for it). The secret sauce is quite zesty, too. Bonus points for having the best veggie burger in the world (the fried mushroom-with-delcious-melted-cheese-inside burger).

6. Kincaid’s Grocery Store, Ft. Worth, Texas
[Pictured at Top of Article]
Todd, TJ & I had the pleasure of devouring these hearty, spiced burgers in Texas last fall. They tasted pleasantly sour, very heavy on the tang. And of course they were Texas-huge and came slathered in cheese & chili.

This was going to be at least a Top 7 list, but I am now too tired and hungry to continue. This space will be updated when I suddenly remember which places I forgot.

Honorable Mention:
5 Guys Burgers (Orlando, FL and elsewhere)
5th Avenue Cafe (Mt. Dora, FL)


More burger reviews to come!

3 Years of Sushi

Posted in Seafood with tags , on February 15, 2008 by chomposaurus

To celebrate our 3 year anniversary, Lyndsey and I had sushi for three nights in a row here in Boston.

We started out at Sushi Express, our favorite cheap sushi place ever. We had six rolls, but the best, as always, were the sweet egg roll and the spicy salmon roll. It’s fantastic sushi for $3-$4 per roll. And the best part (for Lyndsey) is the giant box of unlimited ginger at every table.

The next night we ate at Fugakyo, a fancy two-story affair near Coolidge Corner. We started with some very delicious veggie gyoza – it tasted super fresh. The dough was melty and the veggies were varied and delicious. Not your average Trader Joe’s frozen variety gyoza. We followed it up with six rolls, all of the massive and delicious. I enjoyed the Pine-tato Roll (sweet potato and pineapple), and Lyndsey and I both enjoyed the Lousiana Roll (featuring fried crawfish) and the Sake Papaya Maki, which came with its own sweet lemon sauce. The Spicy Snow Crab Maki was good too, but it was not spicy enough for me. Overall, this is probably the best sushi I’ve had in Boston, but also the most expensive.

And on the third night, we got lazy and took an uber short walk to Fin’s, the sushi den on Chestnut Hill between Cleveland Circle and my apt. Fortunately, it is crazy delicious. This time we tried the Mexican Roll, one of my favorite varieties. This version had spicy tuna, avo and tobasco, which was quite good. I also had a huge bowl of mixed tempura there – definitely enough for two people.

So despite their culinary deficiencies in some departments, Allston and Brighton have sushi for everyone.