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The Bacon Flow Chart

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An essential accessory for all those who eat a lot of meat. It can cause some big dilemmas. Click the picture for the full chart.

Piglet on your Plate

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The Bacon Turducken?

With Meat/Without Meat

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An insightful essay on about vegetarian myths. Essential reading for all who want to know more about the truth of life without meat.

Now, when I say that vegetarians are normal people with normal food cravings, many omnivores will hoist a lamb shank in triumph and point out that you can hardly call yourself normal if the aroma of, say, sizzling bacon doesn’t fill you with deepest yearning. To which I reply: We’re not insane. We know meat tastes good; it’s why there’s a freezer case at your supermarket full of woefully inadequate meat substitutes. Believe me, if obtaining bacon didn’t require slaughtering a pig, I’d have a BLT in each hand right now with a bacon layer cake waiting in the fridge for dessert.

Or perhaps you’d prefer Beer Cheese Cupcakes with Bacon Cheddar Cream Cheese Frosting.

I’m Getting my MA in Bacon Weaving

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Everyone’s getting a Master’s Degree in something ridiculous these days. I made the unfortunate choice of getting an MA in Poverty (i.e. publishing and writing). So, I suggest we get an A&M University somewhere to offer more degrees in the culinary fine arts. After a friend told me about bacon cups the other day, I was surprised to find out how much bacon weaving is already taking place. Let’s take a tour of the internets so I can show you how much promise there is in this new specialty field:

First, from Not Martha, we have bacon cups: little container made of woven bacon that can hold any type of food you please. Personally, I’m going to try putting chocolate pudding in these to redefine “Jello Pudding Cup” forever.

Bacon Bra
From the department of questionable personal hygeine, Serious Eats offers up the edible bacon bra.

And this bacon placemat, at, would save you from washing the dishes after a romantic bacon-underwear-fueled night.
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