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Word of the Day: Speckmantel

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German, meaning “Bacon Jacket.” Our loyal correspondent P. Sundae sends this brief dispatch:

…saw this in the grocery store and thought you would enjoy it. It’s a wienerli wearing a Speckmantel (that’s a real German word, and yes, it means “Bacon Jacket”) and carrying a cheese wheel on its back.

Apparently the word is usually used to describe bacon-wrapped foods. I think I shall start referring to such delicacies this way; for example, “that filet is wearing a bacon jacket.”

The Maple Bacon Donut

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If you look up “perfection” in the Oxford English Dictionary, next to the definition you will find a picture of the Maple Bacon Bar, the world’s most perfect donut. Produced by Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, OR, this baby can be had 24-hours a day for those lucky and heart-disease-ridden souls who live in the pacific northwest. If you can handle the flavor, I can’t imagine any better way to eat your greasy meat. As one reviewer said, it’s just like spilling syrup all over your bacon… and then deep-frying it.

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My First Bacon-Wrapped Wiener

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The Tucson, AZ restaurant El Guero Canelo, which resembles a Winnebago-sized taco truck attached to a small greenhouse, serves up a large variety of southwestern favorites. But the best item on the menu will appeal to meateaters all over the world: the sonoran dog, also known as a bacon-wrapped hot dog. Most impressive is the Sammy dog, which includes two bacon-wrapped weiners in one bun. Both come covered with onions, diced tomato, relish and sour cream. Unless you speak fluent spanish, don’t count on being able to ask for one with different condiments – like I said, this place is authentic.

Since this was my first bacon-wrapped frank, I was glad it came out so delicious, with the ballpark-style dog and the sweet, greasy bacon complimenting each other nicely. The whole contraption was a ton of fun to eat, with the dog slipped into a partially-sealed (and fluffily sweet) bun. It took a lot of restraint not to go back for a second (or a third).

For more on bacon-wrapped dog controversy, check out our earlier article, Pirates of the San Fernando Valley.

I’m Getting my MA in Bacon Weaving

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Everyone’s getting a Master’s Degree in something ridiculous these days. I made the unfortunate choice of getting an MA in Poverty (i.e. publishing and writing). So, I suggest we get an A&M University somewhere to offer more degrees in the culinary fine arts. After a friend told me about bacon cups the other day, I was surprised to find out how much bacon weaving is already taking place. Let’s take a tour of the internets so I can show you how much promise there is in this new specialty field:

First, from Not Martha, we have bacon cups: little container made of woven bacon that can hold any type of food you please. Personally, I’m going to try putting chocolate pudding in these to redefine “Jello Pudding Cup” forever.

Bacon Bra
From the department of questionable personal hygeine, Serious Eats offers up the edible bacon bra.

And this bacon placemat, at, would save you from washing the dishes after a romantic bacon-underwear-fueled night.
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Pirates of the San Fernando Valley: Curse of the Bacon-Wrapped Wiener

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Breakfast, Lunch & Grog

Some good reporting by LA Weekly about the (illegal) meat miracle, the bacon-wrapped hot dog. Meat journalism doesn’t get much better than this:

Below the legal vendors are the more ubiquitous operators of homemade carts, which usually consist of propane tanks strapped to modified baby strollers, Target shopping carts or, in most cases, tool carts. They operate completely outside of codes and regulations, their particular rules and organizational methods a mystery to outsiders.

Licensed vendors… refer to the makeshift bacon-wrapped-hot-dog vendors as “ambulantes” or “piratas,” colloquial terms for unlicensed street vendors in Mexico.

Those sound like the most magical pirate Target shopping carts ever.