Best Meaty Blogs in Town

On this regularly updated page, Chomposaurus will keep track of the dozens of interesting & intelligent people writing about meat on the Internet. It’s part of our effort to separate the gristle from the red, red meat. To suggest a blog, email Chomposaurus at the address listed on the sidebar.

Sites with regularly updater reviews of regional meatspots.
Since Chomposaurus provides your worldwide daily dose of protein, I’m always looking for dedicated reviewers who write well about restaurants and meaty attractions in different geographic areas.

A Hamburger Today
New York City, with great content from around the U.S. Also, hamburger news.

Off The Broiler
New York City; New Jersey [Excellent coverage of BBQ, Chinese places, and podcasts too]

NYC Food Guy
Street Meat & Cheap Eats in the Big Apple. Absolutely Essential.

Food in Mouth
NYC Musings

This is Gonna Be Good
New York City; North New Jersey; Baltimore; Portland, OR

Portland Hamburgers
Portland, OR; West Coast U.S.A.

Chubby Hubby

Market Manila
Manila, The Phillipines

Champaign Taste
Champaign, IL

The Tasty Island
Honolulu, HI

Cuisine Quotidienne

Sites with interesting takes on food and great meat content.

Beef Aficionado
A great individual committed to eating the best beef around the world. Great stories about meat abound.

Bacon Unwrapped
Truly a site for bacon devotees. Goes the extra mile, including scouring monthly food magazines for every mention of bacon. Like Chomposaurus, this site is interested in the origins and politics of the meat we eat.

Like strips of fried meat, one bacon blog is never enough. This general-interest bacon blog is a great source for regular bacon adventures, as well as some good beer advice.

The Art of the Pig
A photo-rich blog with informative guides on cooking various meats.

Chez Pim
Informative commentary on gourmet food and living the culinary life. Check out their special features like Pad Thai for beginners.

Endless Simmer
Sassy general-interest food commentary. Does cool things like bacon cupcake bakeoffs.

The Food Pornographer
Everyday food with spectacularly mouth-watering pictures.

Just plain interesting mini-essays about eating, with a lot about meat.

An Obsession With Food
Quality writing about the foods of the world.

We are Never full
Brooklynites document their adventures in eating.

Soy & Pepper
Clever and original recipes and food adventures.

Deep End Dining
Exploring food with bolder bits of eating out.

Accidental Hedonist
A hearty brew of food and good writing.

Kindred Meat Spirits

My Husband Hates Veggies
Tigers and Strawberries
Food Goat
Matt Bites
White Trash BBQ
Culinary Fool
The Hampton Smoker

Sites with the Best Meat Recipes

Hooked on Heat
Fabulous Indian food recipes.

The Smitten Kitchen
Good, simple recipes.

Caviar & Codfish
Excellent seafood recipes.

Cooking for Engineers
My favorite site for simple cooking ideas. The turkey recipe is great for a small apartment.

Pioneer Woman Cooks
Delicious Cowboy food… check out the Marlboro Man Sandwich

My Kitchen in Half Cups
A beautiful little collection of baking recipes.

The Recipe Box
A fabulous array of delicious things.

The Bacon Show
One new bacon recipe every day, forever.

Icelandic Cooking
We have an Iceland obsession. This site is right up our alley.

Green Sites, with a focus on renewable and healthy eating

Green Fork Blog
The Blog of the Eat Well Guide.

Sites not about meat but still important to the omnivores of the world

Grow Better Veggies
Pretty straightforward: how to grow your own veggies (read: side-dishes). Also features an awesome regular series about farm animals.

A Veggie Venture
My favorite place to go for vegetable recipes.

Pretty much the best blog out there for baking recipes

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