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Put Some Hot Meat On Your Chest

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A group of friends started Wooster Street Meats for just that purpose: to lay some spicy meat across your pectorals. They only have a few designs right now, but the color choices are impressive. And I’m sure all you Lady Chomposauruses out there will swoon over their beefy models. But don’t despair, they have women’s shirts as well.

Sunday Protein: Sausage & Peppers with San Gennaro

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The Feast of San Gennaro, patron saint of Italy, continues through September 21st in NYC’s Little Italy. I snapped this photo yesterday of some brisket being roasted:

(If anyone knows the name of where you can buy one of these devices, I would be much obliged.)

But the true treat of Saint Januarius (and his holy/wholly decapitated head) are the sausage and peppers, delightfully sold at at least two stands per block. For a recipe of this deliciously portable feast, check out this site by a former festival vendor.

Let’s Grill Hot Dogs As We Go Over Niagra Falls

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Courtesy of Engadget, we can now safely say that all your needs for floating cooked meats will be taken care of by a German company’s new “lifesaving” flotation device, the BBQ Donut. It’s a round pontoon boat with a real horkin’ full-size bbq grill stuck in the middle. Time to defy those environmentalists and engage in some offshore grilling!

It has a built-in umbrella, a battery-operated motor and a drink holder. Personally, I can see no better way to make your lazy day on the lake more gloriously lazy than not having to return to shore for a freshly charred wurst. You could even catch, gut and grill a fish without getting up from your seat. All they have to do is install a mini kegerator and this thing will be a bestseller at Wal-marts nationwide.

Best Meaty Blogs in Town

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Click here for our new page dedicated to keeping track of new meat blogs. Whether they be regional reviews or reports focused on a specific type of meat, you can find the best carnivorous reporting here at Chomposaurus. E-mail us at the address on the sidebar if you have a blog you’d like to suggest.

Scrapplequest: The Ancient Secret

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I’m not ashamed to admit that my mom reads my blog. But I was surprised to get this email from her after posting about Scrapple a couple days ago:

Your grandparents were both big fans of scrapple. They never forced us to eat it but every now and then Mom would fry some up for her and Dad.

I had not taken into account my own Pennsylvania roots. Maybe it explains my fascination. I’m just hoping my grandmother still has her recipe. The scrapplequest continues… I’m still waiting for one of you to airmail me some offal.

P.S. Wouldn’t you love to be standing next to the person who grabbed a slice of the scrapple pictured above and bit into it, thinking it was fresh banana bread? Although the person would most likely have to have a really bad sense of smell.


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What is scrapple? That’s the question I asked upon when I stumbled upon a picture of it online. Apparently, it’s “a savory mush of pork scraps and trimmings combined with cornmeal and flour” that’s fried in loaf form. Or, to put it in simpler terms, it’s like bread made out of hog offal. For those of you unfamiliar with everyday butcher’s terminology, offal includes the head, heart, liver and kidneys.

What’s most surprising regarding my discovery of this new sandwich “meat” is that it apparently is very popular in the northeastern United States, including Philly and New England. Delaware is the scrapple capital of the U.S., which matters a great deal to me because Dealware is where my ancestors landed on the shores of North American in the 17th century. Since (again according to wikipedia) scrapple was the first pork food invented in America, I suddenly feel great nostalgia and longing for it.

So, I am now on a Scrapplequest. I will eat as much of this fried organloaf as possible and discover whether it is good and, if so, what it is like. I think there is a gap in our world between the rather large presence of scrapple, its importance to our national history and our low levels of Scrappleducation.

I invite readers with scrapple recommendations or stories to comment; I will follow your advice and heed your warnings, as always.

Note: Apparently scrapple has a strong cult following in the Philadelphia area, and people there are most likely going to mock me for never having heard of it. All I can say is: this is your chance to scrappleducate the rest of us. Also, if you cooperate, I’ll make sure you get some tasty fried gator next time you come to Central Florida.

Meat on Swords, Franchise Edition

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Brazilian BBQ Review: Texas de Brazil
[Locations in Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Illinois, Colorado, Nevada etc.]

Texas de Brazil does not hide its intent. Whether it’s the walk-in, all-glass wine cellar, the room devoted to the salad bar, or the ridiculous nomenclature formed by a brutal, half-translated collision of the world’s two most meat-centric cultures, a diner knows what they are climbing into: a hot tub full of meat. This chain represents the ultimate in indulgence, making the best type of meat there is (rare, salty, on a sword) and then letting you eat as much as you possibly can without so much as shifting in your seat. In order to cut their losses, they try and stuff the salad bar full of tasty sushi, cheese and (surprisingly) salad, but the true pro knows how to pace him- or herself. And, of course, you must avoid the $12 martinis, because, let’s face it, after a good two pounds of meat you won’t be feeling that martini even if it was 95% Patron Silver.

It occurs to me that I need to write a primer on Brazilian BBQ: how it works, why it is special among meat venues, and why it is somewhat dangerous to live close to one. But to go over the basics quickly: you get to eat as much meat as you want. The meat is delivered to you on huge skewers by masterful carvers. And there is a single price. At Texas de Brazil, it’s high: about $50 per person for dinner. But I’ve been to some very good Brazillian BBQ’s that only charged $20 or so, albeit with much more limited salad bars and slower meat turnaround.
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Porto’s Magic Slab

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The francesinha, or little French thing, is supposedly a signature dish of Porto, a city in northern Portugal famous for, well, Port. I’m not sure if this is true – it didn’t seem to be on the menu many places, and it definitely had a bit of a touristy look to it. But that doesn’t matter at all. Because there is one thing I am sure about when it comes to the francesinha: It is a magical meat lamp containing a crazy meat-loving genie who will grant all your wildest carnivorous dreams.

Ham, linguica (spicy portuguese sausage), regular sausage and steak are squished between two thick pieces of bread. Next, a huge slab of cheese is melted around the big brick. Then, the sandwich is served in a bowl. Why? Because it’s up to its waist in a thick beer and tomato sauce.

Safe to say, you have to eat this thing with a fork. And every bite contains a different array of meaty magic. On the one hand, you never know what combination of flavors you’re going to get. On the other hand, you could say it all has the same flavor: the flavor of awesome.

Definitely try this if you’re in Porto (it’s better than their other signature dish, tripe stew). But I think it might be just as good if made with American ingredients, and I’ve found one recipe that looks accurate:

Rub this baby at your own risk. You might not be able to handle what the magical meat genie has in store.