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Country Ham at The Silver Skillet

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On the last weekend of my swing through the south, Ian and I stopped at The Silver Skillet in Atlanta, where we were determined to try an authentic Country Ham. This ham is distinguished from a normal ham by its high sodium content. It’s so salty, in fact, that the when I ordered the waitress said, “You know that’s real salty, babe.” What makes a ridiculously salty ham even better? A bowl of red-eye gravy for dipping… that’s even saltier than the ham itself.

If you like a little meat with your salt, it’s highly recommended. And yes, after all that, Ian ordered bacon too…

Piglet on your Plate

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The Bacon Turducken?

Know Your Pig: The Delicious Parts

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The Slaughter of a Pig, Becal, Mexico

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The modern American meat eater has at least a passing awareness of where his or her meat comes from. By now, sustained campaigns from all corners of the food world, including farmers, journalists, politicians and vegangelicals, have illustrated the origins and consequences of eating meat, for better or worse. Images of happy “organic” cows or caged, mutilated veal are not hard to find, and the typical carnivore now navigates bans on foie gras, veal and transfat along with crazed excesses like Hardy’s Thickburgers or the turducken.

But in America, one thing we do not do much is slaughter our own meat. We do not go face to face with the animal we are about to ingest. Although hunting remains popular, with about 12 million Americans going after game or fowl each year, it’s still undertaken by relatively small fraction of the population, with even fewer actually eating what they kill (if they manage to shoot anything at all). Bottom line: we are separated from what we eat, even if, thanks to the internet and increased consumer awareness, it is by a thinner line.

Such is not the case in Becal, a small town outside Merida, the capitol of the state of Campeche, Mexico. Our correspondent P. Sundae went to this scorchingly beautiful area this spring on a mission to help build new schools. One night, at a large gathering of some of the local residents, P. and his fellow builders were treated to full-on pig roast. What they hadn’t expected was to see the actual pig they were about to eat slaughtered and cleaned in front of them. It was a moving and at times brutal experience. Fortunately, P. was wise enough to document it. What follows are pictures and videos from before, during and after – including graphic images of the pig being killed and then prepared. Although you may be initially repulsed or disturbed, you will hopefully find them as fascinating as I did. Few of us here in America understand what and how we eat – and in this way, we are less advanced than most of the world.

Due to their intense content, the pictures & video are on a separate page. Click here to view them.

100% Bacon Burger

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They should give out a MacArthur Genius Grant for meat. I think people like Kirk who make a burger out of 100% ground bacon deserve some sort of financial support to continue to do their work; who knows how our lives would be bettered? Maybe Jessica Simpson’s crazy dream of chicken wings made from grass-fed organic buffalo would finally come true; maybe we could even save the manatee and solve world hunger through off-shore manatee farming. Someday soon, you’ll find the Chomposaurus Foundation for Better Meat at; until that day, enjoy the pictures of this unbelievable creation, and don’t be afraid to dream.

Know Your Pig: Pork Neck

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For our Memorial Day BBQ, “Big Meat Mike” brought over some big ass pork necks he’d been marinating in curry sauce for several hours. I’d never eaten them before, but they were giant hunks of meat from a pig so I was not afraid.

Situated directly forward of the shoulder, pork neck comes from the bones of the pig’s spine closest to the head. When barbecued, the result can best be described as the combination of a good pork rib with a chicken wing. It’s easiest to eat it with your hand, and you’ll encounter a lot of globs of tasty but possibly chewy fat. The flavor was that of a very juicy, very fatt pork chop. It’s not for the faint of heart, literally: your arteries will feel this one. Also, the marinade didn’t seem to effect the taste of the meat, but it probably made it easier to eat by juicing it up.

Pork neck, which is the same as “pork neck bones” (a term for the meat of the neck, including the bones), is also popular boiled with vegetables. No matter how you prepare it, you’re in for one of the more adventurous pork experiences.

I Want To Eat Hogzilla

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But I can’t because of the boar taint.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my new favorite Wikipedia category: Famous Pigs

Seriously, I was looking at Javelinas and seeing whether they were edible, which led to the entry on Razorbacks, which led to the entry on Hogzilla, which led to me reading about every famous pig on the site. They even have an entry for George Clooney’s pig, Max.


Suck On Some Bacon

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It’s been well-covered on the interwebs, but I just had to post a picture of the Maple-Bacon Lollipop made by lollyphile. Now someone needs to invent a way for me to eat bacon, eggs and homefries on a stick. Maybe by injecting all three into a giant turkey leg?

With Meat/Without Meat

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An insightful essay on about vegetarian myths. Essential reading for all who want to know more about the truth of life without meat.

Now, when I say that vegetarians are normal people with normal food cravings, many omnivores will hoist a lamb shank in triumph and point out that you can hardly call yourself normal if the aroma of, say, sizzling bacon doesn’t fill you with deepest yearning. To which I reply: We’re not insane. We know meat tastes good; it’s why there’s a freezer case at your supermarket full of woefully inadequate meat substitutes. Believe me, if obtaining bacon didn’t require slaughtering a pig, I’d have a BLT in each hand right now with a bacon layer cake waiting in the fridge for dessert.

Or perhaps you’d prefer Beer Cheese Cupcakes with Bacon Cheddar Cream Cheese Frosting.

Your Sunday Protein, 5/11/2008

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This sunday, I’m getting some musical protein in DC at the Radiohead show, so here are a few stories to tide you over.

Pork, Chicken Prices May Be Next to Rise
An AP article on the continuing increases in meat prices around the world, including here in the U.S. Do your part: stir-fry a little tofu or have a salad now and then.
“Your Portal on Global Pig Production” – if you want to nerd out about the business and logistical side of breeding and farming pigs, this is your site.

Retailers using DNA to Track Meat
Another AP article; this one covers the use of DNA to improve safety and accuracy in meat sales; some producers aren’t so sure it’s worth the cost.

Green Fork Blog
A thoughtful blog about responsible, renewable eating. Good resource!

Enjoy your spring grilling!