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Corn Dog Pizza; Or, Why You Will Soon Be Fatter

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From the beautifully simple new blog, This is why you’re fat.

Obama at Ben’s Chili Bowl: Our New President Knows How To Eat

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So, in case you haven’t heard the biggest meat news of the week, President-Elect Obama visited one of the best fast-food joints in the country, Ben’s Chili Bowl. Here’s the video:

Ben’s Chili Bowl is a 24-hour mecca in D.C., a city that generally shuts down by 1 in the morning. I stumbled in many times after a concert at the 9:30 Club, in desperate need of some chili cheese fries, praying to Allah that there would be a cabbie willing to take me back to Georgetown after I stuffed myself. Follow Barack’s lead and visit next time you’re in the District.

Chocolate Corn Dog

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From the Korean food blogs Seoul Eats and Funk Seoul Sister: some truly nasty ass corn dogs, including one with a chocolate layer between the corn and the dog.  Apparently, korean label indicates it is actually a corn dog.

Happy Friday, everybody.

For These Wieners, Speed is Everything

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I guess if I owned a chain of fast food hot dog restaurants, I would sponsor dachshund racing too.

The Hot Dog Hall of Fame

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They collect wiener art. They give out awards for best hot dogs. They try and set the land speed record for fastest product-mobile (currently held by Al Unser Jr. taking the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile to over 100mph). They are The Hot Dog Hall of Fame.

Sadly, they do not yet have a public home. So remember these grand wieners in your will if you want a very frank legacy.

Hot Dog Etiquette

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It boils down to: “don’t be a douche when eating a hotdog.” I do enjoy the fact that you are not allowed to take more than 5 bites to eat a standard-sized frank. I think that rule should be strictly enforced.

Know Your Sausage: Cheddarwurst

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Ask any scientist what the most astounding invention of the last century or so was, and they will answer, “the injection of cheese into a frankfurter to form a cheesy sausage.” If they do not answer in such manner, then they are a terrorist disguised as a scientist and you should report them immediately to the Department of Homeland Security. If the feds don’t listen, report them to Hebrew National, because God shall deal harshly with their souls.

The genius of the idea lies in its simplicity: tunnels of molten cheese lying inside spicy sausage which ooze out when you bite into it. If you don’t mind a little mess, it’s heavenly.

Who invented Cheddarwurst, though? Is that even the official name? The internet provides few clues. Even pictures are scarce. Hillshire Farms (a division of Sara Lee) seems to have the market cornered on grocery store cheese-filled sausage. There are a few “gourmet” places to get them, too: we found them at Bean’s, Crawford Sausage and Dietz & Watson.

We’ll continue to search for the origins of this magical – dare I say, miraculous – creation. Look for Part 2 of this “Know Your Sausage” in the coming weeks.

The Scourge of the Fenway Frank Top-Loading Bun

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Look, I don’t consider myself a very picky eater. Once I was confronted with the terrible cafeteria food in college, I found myself willing to eat anything and everything with taste. I’m looking forward to the day when I eat fried cricket and have my first ostrich burger. But why oh why must my current home city of Boston be obsessed with one of the worst ideas ever, the top-cut hot dog bun?

If you haven’t seen these things, you’re lucky. They’re all you can buy in the groceries here. Imagine a hotdog bun, then imagine the slot for the frank is only half as big as usual, at an awkward angle. As you can see from the picture, my D’Artagnan Uncured Beef Dogs aren’t really in the bun; they’re sort of perched on top. And don’t even think of squeezing relish or a suitable amount of onions alongside.

Apparently, there is a reasonable explanation for this format – it’s better for lobster rolls, a New England specialty. The crab or lobster salad is more stable than with the almost-separated side-split bun. But come on people, eating giant wieners is a serious business, and it requires a bun that can handle the massive meaty girth required to satisfy a true carnivore.

My First Bacon-Wrapped Wiener

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The Tucson, AZ restaurant El Guero Canelo, which resembles a Winnebago-sized taco truck attached to a small greenhouse, serves up a large variety of southwestern favorites. But the best item on the menu will appeal to meateaters all over the world: the sonoran dog, also known as a bacon-wrapped hot dog. Most impressive is the Sammy dog, which includes two bacon-wrapped weiners in one bun. Both come covered with onions, diced tomato, relish and sour cream. Unless you speak fluent spanish, don’t count on being able to ask for one with different condiments – like I said, this place is authentic.

Since this was my first bacon-wrapped frank, I was glad it came out so delicious, with the ballpark-style dog and the sweet, greasy bacon complimenting each other nicely. The whole contraption was a ton of fun to eat, with the dog slipped into a partially-sealed (and fluffily sweet) bun. It took a lot of restraint not to go back for a second (or a third).

For more on bacon-wrapped dog controversy, check out our earlier article, Pirates of the San Fernando Valley.

The Clay Aiken of Bacon

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Some key quotes from the broadcast of Joey Chestnut’s glorious defense of his crown in the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Eating Contest:

“as they say, you don’t go against the other guy, you go against the dog”
“the clay aiken of bacon”
“I wouldn’t be surprised to see an 11 or 12 minute hotdog minute out of joey”
“both of them have a dog in the fight”
“They attack those dogs like Lindsay Lohan attacking the minibar”
“Kobayashi has the throat power, but Joey is more of a chipmunker”
(after they tie at 59 dogs in ten minutes) “It’s a five dog eat-off!”
(after Joey Chestnut wins) “Joey, why do do you do this to your body?” ::pause:: “I like to eat.”

Seriously, it’s better than the spelling bee. But was anyone else disturbed by the girl who set the world record by eating eleven pounds of cheesecake in nine minutes?