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Antelope Steak

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Ubercorrespondent P. Sundae reports from South Africa:

Antelope steak, the result of population control in national parks, is dark red, gamey meat and is extremely juicy. It goes great with Mrs. Ball’s, the famous South African chutney, visible in the picture above. Overall, it was “a little chewy, but very tasty.”

According to Mr. Sundae’s park rangers, antelope meat can be produced more efficiently than beef, pork and other domestic meats; however, I couldn’t find any evidence for this on the web. All the proceeds from antelope meat go back to the parks of South Africa.

(both photos by P. Sundae)

England is turning American squirrels into meat pies

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I kid you not. This article – from a reputable U.K. newspaper – contains a recipe for Squirrel Pasty. Made from grey squirrel, a.k.a. what you see in parks across the United States, because England’s red squirrel is endangered. I’m not sure which to be more upset about – the fact that squirrel meat is “selling like hotcakes,” or the fact that the squirrels could soon be coming from here.

Ok, ok. England has a healthy supply of greys that can probably satisfy their urges for pasties and melts for years to come. But you never know when the squirrel burrito or the squirrel curry will take off, and the redcoats will come a’knockin on the cash-strapped Park Service’s door. Although I suppose healthy squirrel exports might help our economy. I will try and put on a patriotic face… but I don’t want the furry little nutgobblers from my local playground ending up as someone’s drunken snack in Northumberland.

Black Bear Bubble Butt

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In case you thought eating cow rump roast wasn’t American enough, these folks ate the ass right off a black bear. They even cooked it in the Hawaiian “kalua pig” method, burying it in an underground pit with plenty of banana leaves, heat and smoke. I have to admit, it looks pretty tasty. But cooking a whole black bear rump yourself? That’s a freaking ton of meat.

Query of the Day, 5/28/2008

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We started a new feature here on Chomposaurus, using the WordPress “google search terms” tracker to find out what questions people are asking this blog to answer. Here’s today’s anonymous query:

guinea pig meat chicago?

I guess he or she read our post last week about the Peruvian Last Supper. Anyway, after some research there appear to be two restaurants in the city by the lake where you can get some fried cuy: La Sierra and Rondador. However, it may or may not be available on a given night, and sometimes it might not show up on the menu even if they have it (silly squeamish Americans). Don’t be afraid to call ahead and ask.

Pet store owners of Chicago should beware: there may be a hungry person stopping in to ask how “fresh” your guinea pigs are. Just imagine what he or she would have done *before* google. Asking your friends if they’ve been to a restaurant with “some good cavy” is a recipe for social awkwardness.

The Bison Challenge

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When I first started this blog, I sent an email to my friends announcing its arrival. Since most of my friends have Gmail, the resulting Google Ads that appeared alongside our meat discussion were quite interesting, and in some cases, hilarious.

The strangest result we found was the truly huge amount of advertisers offering to ship fresh bison meat straight from their farm. Is there such a huge demand for air-mailed buffalo? Or are buffalo connaisseurs concentrated on the internet? It’s a mystery.

In any case, my friend Rosie, who lives in Wyoming and was raised in Omaha, always says that the buffalo steaks and burgers out there are much tastier than the ones you can get at the butchers of the east coast. So, I’m inaugurating the (1st Annual?) Chomposaurus Bison Challenge, where we ask purveyors of fresh buffalo from the heartland to send us meat that we will test (through the most scientific of eating). We will compare it to the frozen buffalo patties you can buy on the east coast and let you know what the difference is and where you should order your tasty bison from.

If you have suggestions of where we should get our buffalo or how we should cook it for maximum flavor, please leave a comment or email us.

The Last Cavy Supper

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The Cathedral of Cusco, in Peru, features a typical mural of the Last Supper

Except Jesus & The Apostles happen to be eating a guinea pig. Yes, that thing in the middle is the same rodent you find in your pet stores, a delicacy called cuy in Peru. Let me state this just to be clear: this portrait is not a parody. It was painted in 1753.

So, that’s your History of Meat lesson for today. Wouldn’t having guinea pig meat kind of mess up communion? Like what part of Jesus would that be? I don’t mean to be a heathen. Just wondering how they justified this particular theological liberty.

For the record, guinea pigs are one of my favorite animals, and I would never eat one. Unless it was in a guinea pig melt.

Perfect Snack for the Kids: Squirrel Melts

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If this sounds irresistible, you can buy your cans of dehydrated squirrel meat here.