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Meat on Swords, Franchise Edition

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Brazilian BBQ Review: Texas de Brazil
[Locations in Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Illinois, Colorado, Nevada etc.]

Texas de Brazil does not hide its intent. Whether it’s the walk-in, all-glass wine cellar, the room devoted to the salad bar, or the ridiculous nomenclature formed by a brutal, half-translated collision of the world’s two most meat-centric cultures, a diner knows what they are climbing into: a hot tub full of meat. This chain represents the ultimate in indulgence, making the best type of meat there is (rare, salty, on a sword) and then letting you eat as much as you possibly can without so much as shifting in your seat. In order to cut their losses, they try and stuff the salad bar full of tasty sushi, cheese and (surprisingly) salad, but the true pro knows how to pace him- or herself. And, of course, you must avoid the $12 martinis, because, let’s face it, after a good two pounds of meat you won’t be feeling that martini even if it was 95% Patron Silver.

It occurs to me that I need to write a primer on Brazilian BBQ: how it works, why it is special among meat venues, and why it is somewhat dangerous to live close to one. But to go over the basics quickly: you get to eat as much meat as you want. The meat is delivered to you on huge skewers by masterful carvers. And there is a single price. At Texas de Brazil, it’s high: about $50 per person for dinner. But I’ve been to some very good Brazillian BBQ’s that only charged $20 or so, albeit with much more limited salad bars and slower meat turnaround.
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Capitalism for Vegans

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freedom tastes like chickenHow can PETA get people to stop eating delicious meat?  By throwing money at them!  In a move surprising for its creativity but standard in its capacity for extreme publicity, the animal liberation group is sponsoring a contest to develop commercially viable in vitro meat.  I discussed this lab-grown tastiness in a previous post.

The rules of the contest are simple: make the meat, make it taste like chicken (shouldn’t be hard, so many things do), then sell it to people.  If you do so before anyone else, you get a cool million.  Not a bad deal.  And you have four years to do it.

Of course, some people at PETA actually objected, according to this NYTimes article.  I blame them for the fact that my Tofu Pups seem to taste less and less like real hotdogs as time goes by.

The Quest for Boneless Beef Wings

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Chicken-Fried Steak, et al

What is the chicken-fried steak? It is a steak, battered and fried as thought it were a large chicken tender. Typically it is then smothered in gravy, a torrent which then spreads across the plate and inundates the other items like biscuits, mashed-potatoes and your face To put it in technical terms, it’s beef you done fry up crispy. Although it sounds like a southern item (and is indeed called country-fried steak on occasion), it is actually more like diner food. I acquired the above sample at a rest stop diner off I-85 in the middle of Pennsylvania; sadly, it was a few years ago and I don’t remember the place, only that we had a very friendly waitress of the variety you expect in a roadside restaurant.

The point is this: The chicken-fried steak is one of the best ideas ever, and it’s a shame that people don’t get more into it. Why doesn’t Chili’s off beef crispers to complement its chicken tenders? There’s no excuse. I demand the chicken-fried steak gain more exposure, whether it be in its classic form, as some sort of steak McNugget, or even as an exotic dish like boneless beef wings. Of course with my luck, it will be McDonald’s and KFC who hear the call, wasting more rainforest to deliver us disgusting, thin beef soggy with oil and tasteless batter. No, I want Ruth’s Chris to serve fried steak: a top-notch prime rib covered with layers of onion-ring batter. It’s as American as apple pie. Well, deep fried apple pie. With cheese on it.

King of Chicken

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Rei de Frango

Bon Jardim resides on both sides of a little alley between the Rossio and Restauradores in the heart of Lisbon, Portugal. Why does one restaurant take up both sides of the street? Well, the primary reason is most likely due to the fact that they serve the best effing roast chicken in the whole freaking world. It was nothing short of sexy. Seriously, as my carnivorous partner and I devoured these small, roasted miracles, we made sounds which would have to be censored on network television.

Imagine the best roast chicken you’ve ever had. Now imagine the skin twice as crispy, the meat twice as tender, and the whole affair seasoned ten times as richly. I’ve eaten a lot of meat, and I don’t think I’ve ever eaten anything that was as saltily satisfying as Bon Jardim’s chicken. You get a half chicken per person, served on top of a plate of fries. Although in fine European tradition you don’t get ketchup, it doesn’t matter because they poor a delicious, juicy gravy over the entire affair. By the time you get to the fries they are delightfully soggy with chicken drippings and sauce. No other condiments needed.

To top it off, it’s insanely cheap (7 euros per person), the waiters are friendly to dumb tourists, and they serve Coke in glass bottles. The chicken was so awesomely salty that my friend and I each had too bottles, which I know sounds scary, but it was, in fact, perfect.

There’s a reason the neon signs (again, hanging on both sides of the street) say “King of Chicken” in both Spanish and Portuguese. This chicken rules.