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The Meat Wall Equation

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It’s a relatively meatless Friday, so let’s take a moment to think about my favorite made up term, the Meat Wall, which is the invisible barrier made up of population and arable land that we are racing towards. Eventually, there will not be enough free land on Earth to raise the cows, pigs, chickens and kangaroos necessary to feed us meat at the levels we now expect. When will we reach that point, and what will happen? I’m not sure, but I think there must be a way to find out.

There will be another 3 billion people on earth by 2050, barring the rapid development of Martian colonies. Even if only a sixth of those new people can afford to eat at the current American rate of 2,920 oz. of meat per year, the world will need to produce 91 billion more pounds of meat by 2050. My friends, that is a lot of effing cows.

I’m not worried about the population outgrowing the total food supply – you can go talk to Thomas Malthus about that one.. I’m talking about a matter of preference and taste; people want more meat than they can have. Will meat prices go up, consumption go down or both? How will it change our culture? These questions are harder to answer.

But it is possible to judge just how finite meat is. If we know how much land a typical livestock animal needs, and we know how much total farming land is available, we can calculate the theoretical upper limit on the amount of animals the earth can sustain. Including ratios for types of animals, land used for waste, and, most importantly, level of meat consumption per capita, we could look at scenarios for when the earth would actually hit the meat wall.

Sadly, I’m not an economist. I’m a freelance meat writer. But on the odd chance that an economist stumbles upon this blog while searching for the best burger on Wall St., I challenge him or her to think about this equation. The future of our burgers, barring the development of an infinite cow machine or lunar beef dome, depends on it.

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Meatsites: Hamburger America

Posted in Burgers with tags , on May 29, 2008 by chomposaurus

World-Renowned Burger Expert George Motz has a blog, a book and a film about the hamburger, America’s favorite food. If you want to learn an insane amount about burgers, check it out. It’s an invaluable resource for the burger adventurer in you.

Also, did anyone else know Wednesday was “National Hamburger Day”? Why wasn’t that on my World Wildlife Fund desk calendar?

The $175 Hedge Fund Whopper (with fries!)

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For those traders and fund managers looking for a way to spend their windfall oil profits, Wall Street Burger Shoppe now offers a $175 burger and fries platter. As per usual with these expensive burgers, the beef is all-kobe, and there is plenty of foie gras and truffle oil to go around. But what I want to talk about are the french fries. They appear, in the picture, to be wrapped in newspaper. NEWSPAPER? Sweet Enola Gay, at $175 that better be a vintage New York Times from the day the Titanic sank or I want my money back. Also, you’d think they could afford some high class ketchup.

Can of Cheeseburger

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Earlier this year, The Onion did a test of a new product out of Germany: Cheeseburger-in-a-Can. That’s right, you just have to take it out and heat it up, bun, fixin’s and meat pre-assembled! The results were predictably disgusting. Go read the hilarious review at the A/V Club.

Some of the best reactions:

• “It’s like Upton Sinclair nightmare bratwurst.”

• “I cannot swallow this. It will not go down.”

• “It tastes like something that was dropped on the floor. It tastes like a 7-Eleven hamburger that’s been sitting around in the store for a couple weeks.”

I’m tagging this as Veggie Meat because I’m not sure there were any animals involved.


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What is the universal commodity, something you can buy in every corner of the globe and expect it to be the same? A shovel? Orange juice? A pair of socks? According to The Economist, the answer is McDonald’s Big Mac. Since the franchise has penetrated all the major economies of the world, you can expect to be able to find a Big Mac in any city you travel to on Earth.

Thus, the Big Mac Index is a useful indicator of the health of various economies. By tracking the price of Big Macs in dozens of locales, The Economist is able to follow trends in inflation, food prices and economic health.

For instance, in the U.S., a Big Mac costs approximately $3.41 with tax in a major city. In Hong Kong, you can get the same burger for the equivalent of $1.54, while in Switzerland it would cost you $5.20. Is this information at all useful? Burgernomics says yes:

purchasing-power parity is the notion that a dollar should buy the same amount in all countries, using an identical basket of goods – in this case, a McDonald’s Big Mac. Comparing actual exchange rates with PPPs indicates whether a currency is under- or overvalued.

You can sound smart and funny referring to Burgernomics at your next backyard grill party. Although some, like me, will wonder if anything you buy at McDonald’s is worth the pain of actually having to eat it.

Best Meaty Blogs in Town

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Click here for our new page dedicated to keeping track of new meat blogs. Whether they be regional reviews or reports focused on a specific type of meat, you can find the best carnivorous reporting here at Chomposaurus. E-mail us at the address on the sidebar if you have a blog you’d like to suggest.

Hot Chicks with Burgers

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I love blogs that do what they say. Hot Chicks with Burgers has but one purpose: show pictures and videos of hot chicks eating burgers.

Such a simple combination, yet so magnificent.

Kobe Burger King

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I am excited, scared and confused by the news that Burger Kings in the UK will be selling $170 burgers featuring foie gras and kobe beef. Somehow, fries and a drink are not included in that price. While I like the kobe beef part, the burger has duck liver on it (unnecessary) and there’s still the small matter of Burger King’s rampant abuse of its employees. Also, one must consider: who walks into Burger King with $200 straight cash? I guess it’s all part of my dream to pay for a Value Meal with my Black Card.

Best Burger Update

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Hot Sauce
This list was posted on Facebook. I’m adding an extra burger at the end. And I moved Houston’s up the list, because their burger just gets better and better.

1. Eagle’s Deli : Brighton, MA
Gigantic burgers filled with delicious meat. The ultimate slab of beef. It’s only 5 minutes from my house, but the burgers are so big that I can only eat there once a month. Come visit me and I will take you to carnivore heaven.

2. Houston’s : Orlando, FL (and elsewhere)
The BBQ Burger at this place is to die for. It’s slathered with sauce and enough bacon to clog an elephant’s aorta. It’s greasy in the best way: the whole thing is lightly soaked, but it’s still fun to pick it up and dive in. This is the 2nd biggest burger on the menu – and the only one that gives Eagle’s a run for the money on quantity of flavor.

3. In-n-out Burger : West Coast, USA
Any place that has “secret” items not listed on the menu gets a few extra points from me. Fortunately, this fast-food house of worship has the best secret sauce and the most tender burgers as well. Add in the unique toppings (like grilled onions) and you will quickly find burger ecstasy.

4. Dick’s Drive-in : Seattle, WA
This is what McDonald’s burger should be; for a buck fifty you get a deluxe with a tasty thin patty, shredded lettuce, and a slathering of mayo. A true bargain, since flavor is not sacrificed. I love Dick’s!

5. Shake Shack : New York, NY
The only burger I’ve bought that tastes just like my dad’s homegrilled creations. You can tell it was freshly made by the loose texture (not to mention the fact that you probably waited 45 minutes for it). The secret sauce is quite zesty, too. Bonus points for having the best veggie burger in the world (the fried mushroom-with-delcious-melted-cheese-inside burger).

6. Kincaid’s Grocery Store, Ft. Worth, Texas
[Pictured at Top of Article]
Todd, TJ & I had the pleasure of devouring these hearty, spiced burgers in Texas last fall. They tasted pleasantly sour, very heavy on the tang. And of course they were Texas-huge and came slathered in cheese & chili.

This was going to be at least a Top 7 list, but I am now too tired and hungry to continue. This space will be updated when I suddenly remember which places I forgot.

Honorable Mention:
5 Guys Burgers (Orlando, FL and elsewhere)
5th Avenue Cafe (Mt. Dora, FL)


More burger reviews to come!