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The Last Cavy Supper

Posted in Game, Guniea Pig, STRANGE MEAT with tags , on May 14, 2008 by chomposaurus

The Cathedral of Cusco, in Peru, features a typical mural of the Last Supper

Except Jesus & The Apostles happen to be eating a guinea pig. Yes, that thing in the middle is the same rodent you find in your pet stores, a delicacy called cuy in Peru. Let me state this just to be clear: this portrait is not a parody. It was painted in 1753.

So, that’s your History of Meat lesson for today. Wouldn’t having guinea pig meat kind of mess up communion? Like what part of Jesus would that be? I don’t mean to be a heathen. Just wondering how they justified this particular theological liberty.

For the record, guinea pigs are one of my favorite animals, and I would never eat one. Unless it was in a guinea pig melt.