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Veggie Meat Test: Tofurky Sausage

Posted in Fake Meat, Fake Meat, MEAT POLITICS, Tofurky Sausage with tags , , on May 7, 2008 by chomposaurus

One of my major campaigns here at Chomposaurus aims to convince meatlovers that you don’t have to eat meat every meal of the day to be satisfied; in fact, eating regular vegetarian meals will make your meat eating healthier, more enoyable and better for the environment.

A major source of bad meat is your quick lunch. Whether slimy baloney from a package or supermarket-brand hot dog, lunch can mean eating meat that comes and goes without doing anyone any good. Thus, I’ll review some environmentally efficient and hopefully tasty veggie substitutes.

Today’s choice is the Tofurky Sausage, a soy and wheat gluten based product that was specifically designed to replicate the grilling habits of your common sausage species. I chose the Tomato & Basil variety.
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