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Know Your Sausage: Cheddarwurst

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Ask any scientist what the most astounding invention of the last century or so was, and they will answer, “the injection of cheese into a frankfurter to form a cheesy sausage.” If they do not answer in such manner, then they are a terrorist disguised as a scientist and you should report them immediately to the Department of Homeland Security. If the feds don’t listen, report them to Hebrew National, because God shall deal harshly with their souls.

The genius of the idea lies in its simplicity: tunnels of molten cheese lying inside spicy sausage which ooze out when you bite into it. If you don’t mind a little mess, it’s heavenly.

Who invented Cheddarwurst, though? Is that even the official name? The internet provides few clues. Even pictures are scarce. Hillshire Farms (a division of Sara Lee) seems to have the market cornered on grocery store cheese-filled sausage. There are a few “gourmet” places to get them, too: we found them at Bean’s, Crawford Sausage and Dietz & Watson.

We’ll continue to search for the origins of this magical – dare I say, miraculous – creation. Look for Part 2 of this “Know Your Sausage” in the coming weeks.

Know Your Sausage: Weisswurst

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Sweet mustard, bread rolls and weisswurst: the classic Bavarian meal.

Weisswurst literally means “white sausage,” making it a favorite for intermediate-level German speakers with a crude sense of humor. The name comes from the fact that Weisswurst starts off as an off-white uncooked sausage made of finely minced veal and pork bacon. Created in Munich in 1857 by the young butcher Sepp Moser, this sausage was born when poor Sepp ran out of thick sausage skins and still had a hungry crowd to please. So he grabbed some thin casings and, after filling them with meat, he boiled them for 10 minutes to make them sturdier. The resulting tasty and delicate sausage instantly pleased the Bavarians, and it has been a specialty there ever since.

As a fragile and easily spoiled meat, Weisswurst should “never hear the noon bells.” You gotta make it and eat it in the same morning. It contains many spices, but the key ingredients (other than the meat) are lemon and parsley, which give it a punchy zest. After you peel the skin off of one of these babies, you should be able to taste those flavors just as much as the veal and bacon.

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Know Your Sausage: Landjäger

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Named for the “mounted hunters” in the forests of Germany, most likely for their portable nature, these dried strips of pork, beef and lard are the badass daddies of modern Beef Jerky. After the meat and spices are packed into a casing, they’re left in a sweat box for 24 hours to ferment. Then they’re smoked for at least a day, usually two. When they come out, they’re delightfully chewy, and their taste resembles that of salami. Quite simply, it’s a gourmet Slim Jim.

According to wikipedia, it’s a popular snack to eat during “treeplanting.” How big are the trees being planted that one needs to snack whilst doing it?

(thanks to Karl Ehmer Smoked Meats for the picture – go shopping for some Landjäger on their website)