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EuroChomp SausageFest 2009: Leberkäse

Posted in EUROCHOMP, KNOW YOUR SAUSAGE, Leberkäse on June 23, 2009 by chomposaurus

Leberkäse literally means “Liver Cheese,” although it contains neither liver nor cheese. Instead, it contains delicious: corned beef, bacon, onion and spices finely ground, then baked as a meat loaf. Then served alongside copious beer and mustard, as though you needed anything to speed passage of this deliciousness from the table to your belly.

Here, my friends, is the pure elemental form of bologna, the way the gods ate it on Olympus before the devil Oscar Meyer stole it from them and brought it down to us filthy humans. Come to the south of Germany or Austria and try some before the realize we’re not worthy.