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Know Your Sausage: Cervelat

Posted in Cervelat, KNOW YOUR SAUSAGE with tags , , , on August 11, 2008 by chomposaurus

Chomposaurus correspondent at-large P. Sundae recently partook of Switzerland’s national treasure – and no, I’m not talking about knives or Nazi gold – during his hike up the Schnebelhorn, near Zurich. You see, there is nothing the swiss love more than their sausage. And the most popular sausage there, by far, is the cervelat. The Swiss eat 160 million of them per year, which is quite impressive for a country of 7.5 million people.

Yes, that’s right. That cervelat’s got cheese and bacon stuffed INSIDE of it. That’s how they like to eat it. Traditionalists will even cut a cross into either end of the sausage so it curls open like a beautiful star of meat.
The sausage itself is made of a mixture of beef, pork and spices. Most sources suggest garlic is the primary spice, although it varies based on the producer.

Currently, though, there’s a cervelat crisis in Switzerland. The type of cow intestine used to wrap the sausage, called Zebu, is produced only in Brazil. Unfortunately, EU rules have prevented the import of any beef products from Brazil due to their lack of adequate precautions against mad cow disease. It’s estimated that, if imports don’t resume, the Swiss will run out of sausage by Aug 1, 2009 – Swiss National Day, the number one day for sausage consumption in the country. As the New York Times reports, this has left even reserved Swiss in a state of despair.

So go enjoy your cervelat while you can. And when you’re grilling, don’t forget the chocholate banana for desert: