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Know Your Sausage: Braunschweiger

Posted in Braunschweiger, KNOW YOUR SAUSAGE on November 19, 2008 by chomposaurus

Key facts:
– It’s german.
– Its primary ingredient is pork liver.
– It’s spreadable
– It’s smoked
– It’s a great source of vitamin A!

That’s right, your dreams of eating pork liver on toast have come true with Braunschweiger, named after a city in Germany. Basically, it’s smoked liverwurst, although it usually contains a bit less meat and a bit more spice. You can even spread it on a freaking Belgian waffle (if you’re nostalgic for WWII). But it’s most commonly devoured on a sandwich with horseradish and onions.

Personally I enjoy this recipe, which includes not only pork liver, but beef liver, chicken liver and chicken herats as well! It’s a wild ride the whole family can enjoy (and/or vomit)!