Know Your Sausage: Braunschweiger

Key facts:
– It’s german.
– Its primary ingredient is pork liver.
– It’s spreadable
– It’s smoked
– It’s a great source of vitamin A!

That’s right, your dreams of eating pork liver on toast have come true with Braunschweiger, named after a city in Germany. Basically, it’s smoked liverwurst, although it usually contains a bit less meat and a bit more spice. You can even spread it on a freaking Belgian waffle (if you’re nostalgic for WWII). But it’s most commonly devoured on a sandwich with horseradish and onions.

Personally I enjoy this recipe, which includes not only pork liver, but beef liver, chicken liver and chicken herats as well! It’s a wild ride the whole family can enjoy (and/or vomit)!

5 Responses to “Know Your Sausage: Braunschweiger”

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  3. Braunschweiger was the off-and-on bane of my childhood. Oh how I loathe it.

  4. Roy dutton Says:

    Where I might buy Braunschweiger in Parksville Naniamo BC area as my wife makes a great liver pate. Schnider use to make a good one but can no longer find any.

  5. I live in Kitchener Ont. where Shneider’s head office is located. I buy their Braunschweiger all the time (have some now in my fridge) at Loblaws, Freshco, Food Basics, Zher’s, Metro, Sobey’s, price chopper, it’s usually around where they sell balogna or near the deli near the brie and camembert cheeses.

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