Review: Bell & Evans Coconut Chicken Tenders

A little coconut in the batter never hurt anyone. In fact, it’s helped a lot of people discover just how much more room we have for fried-food innovation (that doesn’t involve submerging peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in peanut oil). So that’s why I grabbed up Bell & Evans’ Frozen Coconut Breaded Chicken Fingers during my most recent trip to Whole Foods. What could possibly go wrong? And at $6.99 they legally had to be amazing.
I was cooking for one so I wondered if I’d need the whole package. I opened the box and discovered… five medium sized fingers. At more than a dollar a piece, they better be damn good.
And let me tell you, they were. The coconut added to the flavor without overpowering the very tender, juicy chicken. You could have fooled me into thinking they were freshly fried. But do I need gourmet chicken fingers on a Tuesday night? That’s the question. $6.99 per person for the main entrée of a home cooked meal does not qualify as economical.
Buying local and organic necessarily increases the price of food (until the supply chain adjusts, perhaps). And nothing is affected more than meat, which is the most expensive type of food to produce. Examples like simply show that good, healthy meat should be a smaller portion of your diet than you’ve come to expect. The market forces of supply and demand (affecting both your wallet and your health) make it so.

One Response to “Review: Bell & Evans Coconut Chicken Tenders”

  1. Seriously? They claim that it’s healthy? I doubt that, though I’d still eat it, looks great!

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