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Inappropriate Condiments

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A real company & their very real wing sauce:

They have a “where has your sack been” contest. I think I’ll ask them for a sample of that sauce, just on principle.

Eat Your Pets, NYC

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British street artist Banksy has set up what can only be described as a bizarre and enthralling storefront art project in Greenwich Village. The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill uses animatronics, found art and multimedia to question just about every assumption we make about animals: how we live with them, how we live with eating them and how they live like us.

Some people seem to think this is a vegetarian protest project , but of course it’s far more subtle than that. Even for people who adore meat, there is an internal contradiction when they spend a day doing nothing but playing catch with their dog. Most of us can live with this contradiction; but most of us are not confronted with it so strikingly. Your reactions may very when you see a hotdog where a hamster should be. Whatever Banksy means, you gotta go see his store. The exhibit runs through Oct 31.

(Photos by TJ and Gothamist)

The Grassy LOL (i.e. the Vast Chicken Wing Conspiracy)

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Honestly, the title has little to do with this post. But I thought of it and I couldn’t NOT write it.
grass fed poster
When I first saw posters for the Grass Fed Party in NYC, I got excited, because I thought I was going to be going to a big beef-eating jamboree. Then I went to their website and got even more excited because I realized it was a political party. From the preamble to their party platform:

The Grass-fed Party believes that it is time in America for a revival of traditional ranching practices to help the smaller communities thrive, to help preserve and enrich range lands, and to help cows eat according to their natural diets while giving them access to clean air and water.

Of course, like any third party, they already have a slightly kooky leader, a rancher from Montana. But as the old saying goes, you can tell a man’s character by the way he treats his beef.

How serious are they? Well, they regularly update their blog, have a weekly drawing for four strip steaks, and have an online action center. Unfortunately they also seem to heavily promote their leader’s own meat products, with a link to his online store. But then again, you can buy Obama beanies on Obama’s site, right?

Know Your Sausage: Linguiça

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Linguiça is the national sausage of Portugal, just as chorizo is to Spain. Still made using the same basic ingredients and ratios as it was a hundred years ago, people consume this mild pork sausage all across the Iberian Peninsula. The key ingredient is vinegar, which gives linguica a soft but unique flavor. Wine or sherry is also prevalent, along with garlic. Add these to pork butt and a few other spices (oregano, paprika, cumin, etc) and you’ve got yourself the spicy building block of portugal.

Ugly, full of cholesterol and heartburn-causing ingredients, Linguica is not your ideal comfort food. But that doesn’t stop people from making linguica sandwiches, one of the most popular forms it’s consumed in here in the United States.

Fun fact! McDonald’s sells linguica as part of their breakfast meal in Hawaii. Also on the plate: spam, eggs and rice. Do not try and order this at McDonalds in Spanish Harlem, as I did. You may be beaten with hot apple pies.

If you’d like to try some Linguica, I’d suggest ordering from in Massachusetts

This Bacon’s Gonna Blow!

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bacon terrorist
…but not in the way you would expect.  It seems some morons at Rep. John Boehner’s congressional office couldn’t decipher the humorous origin of the package of pork product that showed up in their mailroom days after passing a larded-up bailout bill.  Rest assured that if you send any bacon to Chomposaurus’s offices, we won’t call the cops unless we’re inviting them to our barbeque.

Finally, Cinnabon’s Reign of Terror has Ended

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…because the Bacon Cinnamon Roll has been invented!

Find out how to make your own at

Sunday Protein: High Meat Prices Here to Stay?

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Chef David Chang has a good take on what we’ll eat in the 21st century.

But guess what? The machinery that’s pumped so much meat into our lives over the last half century was never built to last, and now it’s breaking down big-time. Feed is more expensive. Gasoline is more expensive. Milk, rice, butter, corn–it’s all going through the roof. And for the foreseeable future, it’s not coming back down.

Yak! (The Animal & The Sound)

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Chomposaurus covers our share of strange meat products. But we can’t come close to Weird Meat, a blog devoted specifically to one man’s quest to eat and drink the strangest culinary adventures the world has to offer. Yak patties? No problem. Deer penis wine? Yaaaak. You see how it goes.

Check out his master list to see what Chomposaurs aspires to… kind of.

[Picture, from Weird Meat, of Sea Horse Soup]

For These Wieners, Speed is Everything

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I guess if I owned a chain of fast food hot dog restaurants, I would sponsor dachshund racing too.

The Hot Dog Hall of Fame

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They collect wiener art. They give out awards for best hot dogs. They try and set the land speed record for fastest product-mobile (currently held by Al Unser Jr. taking the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile to over 100mph). They are The Hot Dog Hall of Fame.

Sadly, they do not yet have a public home. So remember these grand wieners in your will if you want a very frank legacy.