Review: Alaska’s Best King Salmon Jerky

Correspondent P. Sundae writes in to tell us that of all the wild salmon jerky he’s tried, this is definitely the best. Of course it’s the only salmon jerky he’s tried, but that doesn’t matter; it’s still delicious, if incredibly salty (our guess: preserving fish takes even more salt than beef or pork). The rich, red taste of salmon survives the curing, however, and combines especially well with the teriyaki flavor. It’s a perfect compliment to your Delaware scrapple for that vice presidential debate!

One Response to “Review: Alaska’s Best King Salmon Jerky”

  1. Maybe it’s time I venture into the fish jerky. I at least should try it. I’ve been hesitant to, as salmon is more expensive and to me, doesn’t taste as good as beef. It’s also less-filling. But heck, maybe I should at least give the jerky a whirl.

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