Review: IKEA Herring

For the final article of our “IKEA Week,” we’re reviewing two types of jarred herring from IKEA’s Swedish Foodmart in Brooklyn. The first, Inlagdsill (meaning “fish that swims with french fries”) is herring in marinade. The marinade is not further defined. The second, Dillsill (meaning “fish that loves to get dirty”) is herring in dill marinade, something which I’m sure Vlasic will be copying any minute now.

Surprisingly enough, both types of herring were not just edible, they were downright tasty. The normal marinade tasted a bit too much like ketchup to me (even though it was clear, making the effect creepier), but I managed to eat several miniature filets without gagging. The dill marinade was quite well-seasoned, as long as you can ignore the fact that fish in a jar will usually have half your daily allowance of salt in every serving. It’s hard to describe the flavor other than “pickled fish,” so I won’t try it. But it would have been delicious on a piece of toasted bread.

So if you’re having a party, and somehow need to go to IKEA to buy a set of cabinets for that party, stop by the foodmart and pick up some herrings. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised.

7 Responses to “Review: IKEA Herring”

  1. chris the meat pirate Says:

    you should check out the herring tasting plate at Aquavit, in midtown. i used to work with their GM (he was my first sommelier).

    it’s an appetizer platter featuring at least ten different preparations of herring, all on one plate. impressive to look at, and certainly eye-opening in terms of how much the Swedes love their preserved fish. but most importantly, it’s palate-enlightening.

    definitely worth the trip.

  2. Norge Swedenson Says:

    I don’t know about Aquavit the restaurant, but Aquavit the alcohol… bleh.

  3. The mustard one is really nice as well! I buy way more herring in Ikea than furniture. They sell a mixed cracker selection in our Ikea too and they’re lovely with some cheese, and with the herring.

  4. Dijelovi za ormare i kuhinje…

    […]Review: IKEA Herring « CHOMPOSAURUS ( the meat blog )[…]…

  5. Vlasic…

    […]Review: IKEA Herring « CHOMPOSAURUS ( the meat blog )[…]…

    • Are the translations of the names of the herrings a joke that I’m missing? As a Swede I’m surprised to see the translations.
      Inlagdsill = Pickled Herring
      Dillsill = (Pickled) Dill Herring

  6. I just got a number of different flavors. THe taste is good, but the fish themselves are kinda slimy. I didn’t expect that.

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