You Are Not Allowed in My Car or House If You Eat This Insanity

Look, I’m all about spicy meat, even dangerously spicy meat. But one place that does not need to make its meat more gut-wrenchingly disturbing is Taco Bell. That’s just what they’ve done with their latest creation, the Volcano Taco. They even made the shell red. Red meaning: Stop. Don’t eat this. You know better. Go put some chipotle sauce on a homemade quesadilla. Hell, go to Chipotle. Whatever you do, do not bring your gassy, soon-to-be-puking self anywhere near my shit.

Review of this mess here.

P.S. Their spicy sauce is called “Lava” Sauce. That’s not what it’s made from, that’s what it makes. Is all I’ll say.

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