Meat Spaghetti (a.k.a. Dr. Atkins Rolls Over in His Grave)

Do you crave pasta even when your hellish diet prevents you from eating carbs? Fear not, for scientists in New Zealand have invented meat spaghetti:

While testing the binding strength of meat, Mustafa Farouk unexpectedly found meat spaghetti – made from sheep or beef but transformed into colourful spaghetti-like strips.

“It tastes like meat and it can look like meat but we can actually change the composition of the product quite a lot so we can mask the meaty flavour,” Mike North from AgResearch says.

And with busy families demanding more convenient yet healthy foods AgResearch believes it is on to something. Kids love spaghetti but for many parents it’s hard to get them to eat meat – so the meaty, protein saturated, pasta version could be an innovative way of providing youngsters with vital nutrients and iron.

The article stretches the need for meat spaghetti a bit. What parent has trouble getting their kids to eat meat? Haven’t they ever heard of chicken fingers? But I do believe there is a market for meat spaghetti, especially among the young and the fit who are tired of eating a Chipolte Bol for their carbless lunches.

One Response to “Meat Spaghetti (a.k.a. Dr. Atkins Rolls Over in His Grave)”

  1. Any child foolish enough to refuse meat has proven himself unworthy of our concern or aid.

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