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7 Great Healthy (Meat) Eating Blogs

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The web spawns blogs about basically everything. For instance: meat-eating. So, of course, there are many excellent writers working on the topic on eating well, whether that means eating organic, eating local, eating slow or just eating less. Here’s a list of our current seven favorite blogs about eatin’ good and eatin’ good for you.

Sustainable Table
Creative and original articles about eating organic and local food within the confines of modern life. For instance, a recent report talks about the delights of the “Urban Chicken.”

Slow Food
An amazing organization dedicated “to counteract fast food and fast life, the disappearance of local food traditions and people’s dwindling interest in the food they eat, where it comes from, how it tastes and how our food choices affect the rest of the world.”

U.S. Food Policy Blog
The Ethicurean
Two blogs covering the government food policy and media food coverage, with a lot of intelligent commentary.

Local Harvest
This site compiles all the farmers’ markets, family farms and local groceries where you can buy local, organic food. Find some delicious meats near you.

Eat Local Challenge
Besides bringing up many interesting points about eating locally, this blog features a fantastic list of eating-local blogs, which come in handy.

Eat Like Me
This site is creative in a way only the internet allows: you can see what a very healthy, fit, good-looking person eats for every meal, every day. Tons of good ideas, and kind of inspiring.

Chomposaurus wants more healthy eating blogs! If you know some good ones, submit them to us. I’m pretty disappointed we didn’t find a single “organic meat” blog… until such blog appears, you’ll have to stick with us.

My First Bacon-Wrapped Wiener

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The Tucson, AZ restaurant El Guero Canelo, which resembles a Winnebago-sized taco truck attached to a small greenhouse, serves up a large variety of southwestern favorites. But the best item on the menu will appeal to meateaters all over the world: the sonoran dog, also known as a bacon-wrapped hot dog. Most impressive is the Sammy dog, which includes two bacon-wrapped weiners in one bun. Both come covered with onions, diced tomato, relish and sour cream. Unless you speak fluent spanish, don’t count on being able to ask for one with different condiments – like I said, this place is authentic.

Since this was my first bacon-wrapped frank, I was glad it came out so delicious, with the ballpark-style dog and the sweet, greasy bacon complimenting each other nicely. The whole contraption was a ton of fun to eat, with the dog slipped into a partially-sealed (and fluffily sweet) bun. It took a lot of restraint not to go back for a second (or a third).

For more on bacon-wrapped dog controversy, check out our earlier article, Pirates of the San Fernando Valley.

The Best Cornish Meat Pasty in Arizona

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This weekend I had the distinct pleasure of eating a hunk of Great Britain in the southwestern U.S. at the Cornish Pasty Co in Tempe, AZ. The meat pasty, in case you didn’t know, involves the filling of a pastry shell with meat, vegetables, cheese and other deliciousness. It supposedly originated in the Cornish tin mines, where the miners kept the warm pastries close to their chest to help them keep warm until lunch time. Frankly, I prefer being served by a kind British pasty wench, and strangely we had an authentic one waiting on us in Tempe.

I sampled both the Shepherd’s Pie and the Bangers & Mash. The pasty itself does not disappoint, not because it contains any unusual flavors, but because all the ingredients taste abundantly fresh. It might look small at first, but it’s heavy – you could sink a toy boat with one of these. The texture is not too unusual -Think of it as a calzone with fluffier bread and a flakier crust. It goes great with the beers on tap. Try a Boddington’s Pub Ale for that authentic pub experience. With plenty of pictures of Cornish coal miners on the walls, you won’t forget the heritage of the hearty pie you’re devouring.

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The Bacon Flow Chart

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An essential accessory for all those who eat a lot of meat. It can cause some big dilemmas. Click the picture for the full chart.

Sunday Protein: Buying (Part of) a Cow

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An oldie but goodie from the NYTimes Magazine.

Last summer, when our neighbors in Maine invited us to split a quarter of a Belted Galloway cow that had been pasture-raised less than a mile from our house, we enthusiastically chipped in our $250. In exchange we received what amounted to a year’s supply of hamburger meat, some standard-issue steaks and seven or so inscrutable, humpy roasts that I chose to ignore. Eating our cow — and entreating our friends to eat our cow — became our mission.

McDonald’s Southern Fried Chicken Rip-off

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It’s just not as good as the original Chick-fil-a masterpiece, several sites report unsurprisingly, although it seems McDonald’s did a decent job copying it.

But where does Bojangles’ fit into all of this?

The 20 Worst Foods in America

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In a recent issue, Men’s Health did a rundown of the worst food in America. Predictably, many meat dishes were featured. The worst steak was Lonestar’s 20 oz T-Bone, with 124 grams of fat. Macaroni Grill’s spaghetti and meatball meal “satisfies your calorie requirements for an entire day.” Chipotle’s chicken burrito turned out to be WORSE than the beef or pork, coming in at 47 grams of fat and 1200 calories. Skip the tortilla and rice people – it tastes better that way. Ruby Tuesday’s “Healthy” Turkey Burger even comes in at 71 grams of fat and over 1100 calories.Although, lest anyone start holding meat solely responsible, check out the stats for the Chili’s Awesome Blossom:

2,710 calories
203 g fat 194 g carbs
6,360 mg sodium

That’s all for a SINGLE ONION, people.

Chicken Fried Bacon. I Repeat, Chicken Fried Bacon.

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I am in awe.

Know Your Sausage: Landjäger

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Named for the “mounted hunters” in the forests of Germany, most likely for their portable nature, these dried strips of pork, beef and lard are the badass daddies of modern Beef Jerky. After the meat and spices are packed into a casing, they’re left in a sweat box for 24 hours to ferment. Then they’re smoked for at least a day, usually two. When they come out, they’re delightfully chewy, and their taste resembles that of salami. Quite simply, it’s a gourmet Slim Jim.

According to wikipedia, it’s a popular snack to eat during “treeplanting.” How big are the trees being planted that one needs to snack whilst doing it?

(thanks to Karl Ehmer Smoked Meats for the picture – go shopping for some Landjäger on their website)

The Clay Aiken of Bacon

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Some key quotes from the broadcast of Joey Chestnut’s glorious defense of his crown in the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Eating Contest:

“as they say, you don’t go against the other guy, you go against the dog”
“the clay aiken of bacon”
“I wouldn’t be surprised to see an 11 or 12 minute hotdog minute out of joey”
“both of them have a dog in the fight”
“They attack those dogs like Lindsay Lohan attacking the minibar”
“Kobayashi has the throat power, but Joey is more of a chipmunker”
(after they tie at 59 dogs in ten minutes) “It’s a five dog eat-off!”
(after Joey Chestnut wins) “Joey, why do do you do this to your body?” ::pause:: “I like to eat.”

Seriously, it’s better than the spelling bee. But was anyone else disturbed by the girl who set the world record by eating eleven pounds of cheesecake in nine minutes?