Know Your Sausage: Landjäger

Named for the “mounted hunters” in the forests of Germany, most likely for their portable nature, these dried strips of pork, beef and lard are the badass daddies of modern Beef Jerky. After the meat and spices are packed into a casing, they’re left in a sweat box for 24 hours to ferment. Then they’re smoked for at least a day, usually two. When they come out, they’re delightfully chewy, and their taste resembles that of salami. Quite simply, it’s a gourmet Slim Jim.

According to wikipedia, it’s a popular snack to eat during “treeplanting.” How big are the trees being planted that one needs to snack whilst doing it?

(thanks to Karl Ehmer Smoked Meats for the picture – go shopping for some Landjäger on their website)

10 Responses to “Know Your Sausage: Landjäger”

  1. landjager is the best if you let it dry a bit longer say 1-2 weeks in your fridge it gets even better. i have a special pet name for it: pocket sausage. cause when its really dry you can carry it in your pocket all day without even wrapping it. it’s a special snacky, pockety treat!

    when in dallas get lanjager at kuby’s.

  2. When in Seattle, you can get great Landjaeger at the Bavarian Deli inside of Pike Place market.

    I just got turned on to these, and am eating one right now with a local brown ale. Delicious.

  3. rod friedt Says:

    I would like to have the reciepe for this landjager!

  4. […] appetizers we orders the Landjager and the cured pork belly. They both arrived promptly and took up quite a bit of room. The Landjager […]

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