The Clay Aiken of Bacon

Some key quotes from the broadcast of Joey Chestnut’s glorious defense of his crown in the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Eating Contest:

“as they say, you don’t go against the other guy, you go against the dog”
“the clay aiken of bacon”
“I wouldn’t be surprised to see an 11 or 12 minute hotdog minute out of joey”
“both of them have a dog in the fight”
“They attack those dogs like Lindsay Lohan attacking the minibar”
“Kobayashi has the throat power, but Joey is more of a chipmunker”
(after they tie at 59 dogs in ten minutes) “It’s a five dog eat-off!”
(after Joey Chestnut wins) “Joey, why do do you do this to your body?” ::pause:: “I like to eat.”

Seriously, it’s better than the spelling bee. But was anyone else disturbed by the girl who set the world record by eating eleven pounds of cheesecake in nine minutes?

3 Responses to “The Clay Aiken of Bacon”

  1. How did you get the name? Why Clay Aiken?

  2. chomposaurus Says:

    It rhymes with bacon. Duh.

  3. joeyisgay Says:

    Joey is gay!!!!! Takeru should have won. He is the best. The only reason he lost is because it was right after the hotdog eating contest. And thats not the reason he got that name, its because he’s a FAGGOT!!!

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