Makes Apple Pie Look Like Communist China

Review: Mo’s Bacon Bar (by Vosges Chocolate)

Look at that picture above. See the little bits in the bar of chocolate? That’s bacon, baby. Applewood smoked bacon. The good folks at Vosges Chocolate had the sense to combine two great flavors – pork and chocolate – to create this salty bar. Yes, the front of the box lists “smoked salt” as an ingredient, too, which I didn’t know existed. And the tastes go together surprisingly well. When you bite into it, first you get the deep milk chocolate (41% cacao), then you get the salt, and finally the hint of bacon. It’s not overpowering, but you definitely have a meat flavor in the corners of your mouth. It’s kind of like eating a handful of buttered popcorn and caramel-chocolate popcorn at the same time; almost like a cracker jack. And everybody likes cracker jacks. I recommend this All-American dessert for your next patriotic celebration.

One Response to “Makes Apple Pie Look Like Communist China”

  1. Ooh, my sister got one of these in her stocking for Christmas last year! It sat on her bureau for months and I was tempted to take it every time I was in her room. I didn’t though, and now I fear I will never know what a bacon chocolate bar tastes like…

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