The Pork Sundae

It’s so brilliant, I can’t believe they don’t sell it on every street corner in the city and along every boardwalk on the beach. Allow me to introduce you to the Pork Sundae, served in a (styrofoam) pint glass. A layer of baked beans on the bottom, creamy coleslaw in the middle, a hearty heaping of pulled pork on top. With drizzled BBQ sauce playing the part of chocolate syrup, of course. Despite what you might think at first, the result is neither disgusting nor overpowering; it’s like eating a hearty, meaty stew with a fork. One might even find it analogous to a very sweet chili. And don’t worry about the cole slaw; I’m not the biggest fan myself, but the sweet crunch of the lettuce fits perfectly with the mushy beans and chewy pork. The important part is that all the ingredients are fresh, which they were at Blackwater BBQ in College Park, Orlando. But it wouldn’t be hard to whip up your own version, which would probably be a hit at any 4th of July Party. Just don’t steal my idea of opening a pork sundae stand on the beach.

3 Responses to “The Pork Sundae”

  1. Motherfucker, ain’t no lettuce in no cole slaw I ever heard of. That shit be cabbage, straight up…

    Ahem, sorry, I’ve watched about 24 hours of The Wire in the past eight days. Anyway, I used to work for and live right next to the guy who founded Blackwater (the guy who owned the construction company that employed me during high school summers). It’s good shit.

  2. chomposaurus Says:

    Silly me, of course I meant cabbage.

  3. You are absolutely correct! I just had this today at “Pigfest” in Tallahassee except it was even more geniusly served in a clear tub so that I could fully enjoy the layers.


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