Sunday Protein: Better Ways to Eat Meat

…that’s not how most people would put the subject of this post. They would say “How to eat less meat,” which might seem more honest. But that’s not the problem here, really. If you’re a typical American, you should probably eat less of a lot of things; I’d cut down on french fries and spicy sweet Doritos before buying fewer chicken cutlets. Along the way, you can develop better meat-eating habits as well. The NYTimes has a good guide, with seven steps.

6. Make some rules. Depending on your habits, it may be no bacon at breakfast; it may be no burgers at lunch; it may be no fast food, ever; it may be “eat a salad instead of a sandwich three times a week,” or “eat a vegetarian dinner three times a week.” It may mean meatless Fridays. It may mean (this is essentially what I do) meatless breakfasts and lunches and all-bets-are-off dinners.

Some of the steps are a bit silly, like suggesting that you order “two salads” instead of a main course in a restaurant. First, it’s pretty hard to find two good salads in a restaurant that don’t have much meat (bacon vinaigrette anyone?) Second, I think you look kind of crazy doing that in Chili’s.

Anyhow, read the article. Its main advice is very sound: when eating at home, choosing to eat less meat, but eating it in more creative fashions, will lead you to a healthier diet. And don’t forget to cut out the junk food, too.

One Response to “Sunday Protein: Better Ways to Eat Meat”

  1. SOG knives…

    Interesting ideas… I wonder how the Hollywood media would portray this?…

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