Review: D’Artagnan Duck Dogs

A hot dog made of duck you say? Why that’s just crazy enough to work! And D’Artagnan definitely does succeed with their succulent new gourmet duck hot dogs, made with Pekin duck fed a natural diet. All three reviewers who tried these dogs loved them – they thought they were spicy and rich, like the very best hot dogs, but with a mellower texture. Eating one was sort of like biting into the inside of a chicken tender from heaven. In fact, we agreed that condiments weren’t even necessary because these dogs were so easy to eat on their own.

The only downside to these delicious babies is that, like most duck related products, they are incredibly fatty, with about 28g per link. That’s twice as much as D’Artagnan’s other gourmet dogs. Our suggestion: just don’t tell you friends at the BBQ, and let them go on enjoying the best grilled frank they’ve had in a long, long while.

2 Responses to “Review: D’Artagnan Duck Dogs”

  1. But what about the Buffalo Dogs???? I demand a Buffalo-product post in the future, that includes those, cuz if I could afford gourmet hot dogs, I would surely wolf them down all the freakin time. Just a thought.

  2. […] Turducken Dog? So, I was thinking: what if you took one of the duck hot dogs I reviewed yesterday, wrapped it in turkey bacon, and then served it with shredded bbq’ed […]

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