Best Baseball Stadium Meat

The cheap food reporter for the NYTimes visited 12 baseball stadiums across the country, looking for the best and the worst they have to offer. There’s also an interactive map.

Of course, I also saw plenty that deserved jeers: in the cramped confines of Wrigley Field’s concourses, I watched a large man, his head thrown back, guzzling spicy curly fries from a cup like they were a beverage. I ate mushy hot links, bone-dry hot dogs and hot wings with no heat. And in Baltimore, I came face to face with a crab cake sandwich that edged out guinea pig (yes, guinea pig) as the least appetizing dish I have ever tried.

My favorite stadium food? The kettle corn at Fenway.

3 Responses to “Best Baseball Stadium Meat”

  1. Summers Says:

    If you find yourself in Seattle again, I recommend the Safeco Field garlic fries, washed down with a cup of Ivar’s clam chowda, er, chowder.

  2. chris the meat pirate Says:

    good point about the hotdogs at the chicago parks–they are vastly inferior to the ones you can get every single place outside the stadia. i used to park my car in front of my friend rudi’s condo, buy two Demon Dogs (from a famous, now defunct stand under the red line stop at Fullerton), and take the L up to wrigley.

    more recently, i discovered Hot Dougs–they make all their own hot dogs in house, naming each redhot for something of current note: their spicy hot dog is called The Keira Knightley (it’s “mighty hot!”) and their Italian sausage The Frankie “Five Angels” Pentangeli (“Keep your friends close, your sausage closer”). beware long lines though, especially friday and saturdays when they offer french fries fried in duck fat. hit Hot Dougs and then wander up to addison to take the bus east to wrigley: amazing.

    PS–Hot Dougs has the glorious distinction of being the only place issued a citation for violating the now-overturned foie gras ban: they made hot dog out of it. only in chitown.

  3. steve palumbo Says:

    I just read your comment about the kettlekorn at fenway. it is nice to hear since i am the person that introduced the product there. we just finished our third year there and it ended with a phone call today with aramark telling me they no longer need my services. they are going to try to do it on their own. very disappointing but it will be interesting to see how it is next season.

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