Review: Turducken Leftovers

I’ve spent all weekend devouring turducken sandwiches, and let me tell you, the birds get even better the third, fourth and fifth times around. It’s better than a standard leftover turkey sandwich, because the turducken has so many different flavors and different textures. Plus, it seems to have gotten spicier, which I can’t argue with. It’s been four days and I still have plenty left (even after ten people attacked the roast the night I made it), so I’m definitely getting my money’s worth.

4 Responses to “Review: Turducken Leftovers”

  1. Did you know there are smaller sizes you can get? I talked to my mom about the turducken my family had at Thanksgiving, and she got a 4 pound “cut”, not the whole shebang. I think she said it cost about $30. Also, it’s even somewhat customizable–you can choose what type of stuffing you want in your turducken.

  2. The prudent restraint suggested above is wholly inimical to the very spirit of the turducken. Celebrate not thy gluttonous impulses with half-measures.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Where can I buy the Yoder’s Bacon that is near me so I don’t have to pay so much for shipping.
    I live in Jacksonville, Florida

  4. how many calories in a turkey sandwich…

    […]Review: Turducken Leftovers « CHOMPOSAURUS ( the meat blog )[…]…

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