Query of the Day: Duck Tongues

Today is from the department of “Why on earth is Chomposaurus coming up for a search like this”:

Do ducks breathe through their tongues?

First: What?

Second: If we were in my 9th grade Biology class with Mr. B, you would have just gotten hit with a ruler.

Third: It’s actually somewhat true. Ducks apparently have nostrils in the back of their beaks which are weirdly connected to their tongues. I was not able to find an internet source to confirm that this was 100% true, but it seems to match the diagrams I found. Although you’re not likely to see a duck panting like a dog, they do have some strange anatomy going on. For even weirder breathing habits (i.e. breathing through your skin) check out this lovely lungless salamander:

Or if you don’t believe me about the duck tongues, well then you can just go to Hong Kong and eat one yourself.

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