The Bison Challenge

When I first started this blog, I sent an email to my friends announcing its arrival. Since most of my friends have Gmail, the resulting Google Ads that appeared alongside our meat discussion were quite interesting, and in some cases, hilarious.

The strangest result we found was the truly huge amount of advertisers offering to ship fresh bison meat straight from their farm. Is there such a huge demand for air-mailed buffalo? Or are buffalo connaisseurs concentrated on the internet? It’s a mystery.

In any case, my friend Rosie, who lives in Wyoming and was raised in Omaha, always says that the buffalo steaks and burgers out there are much tastier than the ones you can get at the butchers of the east coast. So, I’m inaugurating the (1st Annual?) Chomposaurus Bison Challenge, where we ask purveyors of fresh buffalo from the heartland to send us meat that we will test (through the most scientific of eating). We will compare it to the frozen buffalo patties you can buy on the east coast and let you know what the difference is and where you should order your tasty bison from.

If you have suggestions of where we should get our buffalo or how we should cook it for maximum flavor, please leave a comment or email us.

One Response to “The Bison Challenge”

  1. We have heard the same thing about Montana Buffalo tasting different than Eastern Buffalo. I read that as meaning better. Actually if you think about it the Nez Pierce came all the way across the Rocky Mountians to hunt buffalo in the home grounds of the most warlike tribe in the West ,the Blackfeet, on the Northren Plains of Montana. They could as easliy hunted father south in the home of the Crows who they had good relation with. So maybe they noticed a difference of taste from area to area also.

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