Now It’s Easier to BBQ Daffy & Donald

Just in time for summer, D’artagnan has introduced their Duck Dog… which is a hot dog made out of free-range organic ducks. Why on earth hasn’t someone thought of this before? The fact that we haven’t yet tried one of these is just dethpicable.

Also available are premium beef, buffalo and pork… click below for the info from the press release. Picture is from the NYTimes.

* Beef — Raised exclusively for D’Artagnan on small American ranches, the
cattle are pasture fed, with a short period of grain supplementation out
in the fields.

* Buffalo — While there’s no free lunch, there is free range, and the
buffalo enjoy roaming it. Our buffalo meat is high in protein, and low
in fat, partially due to being raised on forage, just like nature

* Duck — Raised on vegetarian feed on a family farm in Pennsylvania and
never given antibiotics or hormones, the resulting “hot ducks” are
richly flavored, juicy and plump.

* Pork — Heritage breeds raised by 17 farmers in a truly free-range
environment with rotational grazing. Pigs are allowed natural rooting
behavior, foraging on thick grassy alfalfa patches, acorns and natural
springs. Pork Hot Dogs taste like pork should-moist and tender.

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