Let’s Grill Hot Dogs As We Go Over Niagra Falls

Courtesy of Engadget, we can now safely say that all your needs for floating cooked meats will be taken care of by a German company’s new “lifesaving” flotation device, the BBQ Donut. It’s a round pontoon boat with a real horkin’ full-size bbq grill stuck in the middle. Time to defy those environmentalists and engage in some offshore grilling!

It has a built-in umbrella, a battery-operated motor and a drink holder. Personally, I can see no better way to make your lazy day on the lake more gloriously lazy than not having to return to shore for a freshly charred wurst. You could even catch, gut and grill a fish without getting up from your seat. All they have to do is install a mini kegerator and this thing will be a bestseller at Wal-marts nationwide.

4 Responses to “Let’s Grill Hot Dogs As We Go Over Niagra Falls”

  1. Something about sitting around a hot grill in a rubber tube seems a little…i don’t know, dangerous?

  2. “BREAKING NEWS: Four hicks burned, three drowned in tragic boat-grilling accident. More at nine.” Actually, based on my intimate firsthand knowledge of rednecks, I think dying while grilling fresh game on a lake is the most fitting possible end for a member of that repulsive yet endearing class, and they’d probably agree. It’s like a modern Viking funeral boat made just for people from the south.

  3. chomposaurus Says:

    I think the boat is actually made of hard plastic. It just looks like a rubber raft. According to the website, it’s very heavy and has to be lifted out of the water with specialized equipment, or at least your typical truck-mounted boat line.

    That wouldn’t stop white trash types from finding a way to kill themselves while grilling at sea. I can see them setting out in one during a hurricane…

  4. Brenda Thompson Says:

    That’s pretty darn nasty about people in the south you think you northern are in a glass bubble get real your not.do you turn your TV on and the same things happen up there and why do you cone to the south for vacation so stay in your bubble

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