Does Being Awesome Mean You Eat Less Crap?

A NYTimes article today discusses how monkeys with stress and image problems tend to eat more junk food than their more successful, dominant brethren.

Once these foods were available, the low-status monkeys promptly developed an appetite. They began eating significantly more calories than their social superiors. While the dominant monkeys dabbled in the sweet, fatty pellets just during the daytime, the subordinate monkeys kept scarfing them down after dark.

It’s not spectacularly surprising to find more proof that people eat poorly when they’re stressed. But if the monkey metaphor holds up, then getting your life under control might help you avoid junk food even in your less happy moments. Next time you find yourself in your underwear about to eat an entire bag of Jack Link’s Beef Steak Nuggets, consider that you might be less prone to this adventure in salt & teriyaki if you addressed some needs in your life other than your steak craving.

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