The $100 Cheesesteak

This monstrosity of luxury beefing has been available at Philly restaurant Barclay Prime for a few years now, full of Kobe beef, truffles and the best cheese money can buy. It even comes with a small bottle of champagne. What’s most striking, though, is how well it’s selling: five or six sandwiches per night, meaning this place is grossing $250,000 per year on luxury cheesesteaks.

Now if someone would put together the $100 version of Arby’s Big Montana, they would be very rich, because they would soon have all of my money.

2 Responses to “The $100 Cheesesteak”

  1. a waste of money. go to pat’s, jims or genos and spend $6 for a real, authentic and DELICIOUS cheesesteak.

  2. chomposaurus Says:

    I don’t think anyone would argue that.

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