Can of Cheeseburger

Earlier this year, The Onion did a test of a new product out of Germany: Cheeseburger-in-a-Can. That’s right, you just have to take it out and heat it up, bun, fixin’s and meat pre-assembled! The results were predictably disgusting. Go read the hilarious review at the A/V Club.

Some of the best reactions:

• “It’s like Upton Sinclair nightmare bratwurst.”

• “I cannot swallow this. It will not go down.”

• “It tastes like something that was dropped on the floor. It tastes like a 7-Eleven hamburger that’s been sitting around in the store for a couple weeks.”

I’m tagging this as Veggie Meat because I’m not sure there were any animals involved.

One Response to “Can of Cheeseburger”

  1. RCastell Says:

    I had a burger in a can in Vietnam. No bun or anything, just the burger floating in liquid. Yes, disgusting.

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