Scrapplequest: The Ancient Secret

I’m not ashamed to admit that my mom reads my blog. But I was surprised to get this email from her after posting about Scrapple a couple days ago:

Your grandparents were both big fans of scrapple. They never forced us to eat it but every now and then Mom would fry some up for her and Dad.

I had not taken into account my own Pennsylvania roots. Maybe it explains my fascination. I’m just hoping my grandmother still has her recipe. The scrapplequest continues… I’m still waiting for one of you to airmail me some offal.

P.S. Wouldn’t you love to be standing next to the person who grabbed a slice of the scrapple pictured above and bit into it, thinking it was fresh banana bread? Although the person would most likely have to have a really bad sense of smell.

One Response to “Scrapplequest: The Ancient Secret”

  1. Jim Baker Says:

    I love scrapple. In fact, I was looking for a good recipe when I landed here. However, I am responding to what you said about banana brea.

    Once while in Taiwan, my girlfriend and I bought what we thought were fried slices of fish off a cart outside the National Palace Museum. When I bit into it, I discovered it was actually a slice of lard that had been battered and fried. I got to see my girlfriend’s face. It was hilarious!!!!

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