Carne Asada is not a Crime!

Los Angeles has passed some rather orwellian laws severely limiting one of the city’s greatest cheap-meat traditions, the Taco Truck. Sign the online petition and learn more about the crisis of carnitas here. Coming up with an awesome business idea (truck full of tasty tacos) should not be a crime.

5 Responses to “Carne Asada is not a Crime!”

  1. chris the meat pirate Says:

    see? the government doesn’t want you to eat well!

    tacos and their ilk are street food IN EVERY SINGLE FRIGGING CULTURE IN WHICH THEY ARE A STAPLE CUISINE and California wants to take in the sails and California-Pizza-Kitchenize these mobile buccaneers. NO BUENO.

    when i lived in Queens there was a taco truck that parked on 30th avenue just off the subway. it was always there when i got off work, even up until around 2 am. there were other food options on the way home, including mexican, but i always stopped at the truck. one, it was cheaper; two, the FOOD WAS BETTER.


    when the day comes that i see a late night taco restaurant serving mango chutney on its $8 metatacos, i’m going to fucking lose my shit.

  2. chomposaurus Says:

    Wow, I’m going to have to post about “Metatacos”, assuming you’re talking about tacos that are somehow an abstract form of mexican food that commenton their own existence.

  3. chris the meat pirate Says:

    metataco n.

    1. concretized abstraction, constructed with self-aware reference to traditional corn meal pancake (tortilla) filled with thick sauce, minced meat, black beans, and/or avocado puree.
    2. a disingenuous imitation of Mexican food, born of faux love for the ethnic and real love for the money

    Our entree special today is the TnT metataco–with Tamarind, nutella and Tofu. Why have menos when you can have mas? A real steal at $16!

  4. One thing I miss about living in Texas are the taco trucks/stands.

    Maybe if the restaurants served a better product at a better value they would have more buisness.

  5. chomposaurus Says:

    Exactly. You just can’t get taco-truck tacos indoors.

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