A McNugget is Growing on my Air Conditioner

In Vitro Delicious
There’s an excellent post on the NYTimes’ blog “Dot Earth” rounding up some news about in vitro meat– which, if you don’t know, is meat grown as a culture, like bacteria. Instead of e. coli, though, the carnitologists (as I’m sure they are technically called) culture muscle cells from cows, pigs or chicken. The result is real meat, albeit in a form that resembles the inside of a fried crab ball more than a fine cut of ribeye. But it’s still meat, and it supposedly tastes like the (ground up) real thing. No animals are killed in the process.

The Times seems to think we should be all worried about putting such strange, cloned meat into our bodies, but considering what chemicals are in the average nacho cheese dorito, I don’t think it should be a problem. I’m all for in vitro meats. It’s all about not hitting the Meat Wall.

As usual, wikipedia has the best info:
WikiMeat: In Vitro

2 Responses to “A McNugget is Growing on my Air Conditioner”

  1. […] group is sponsoring a contest to develop commercially viable in vitro meat.  I discussed this lab-grown tastiness in a previous […]

  2. In vitro meat promises to be the greatest advancement in agriculture since the domestication of animals and is a vital solution for our small planet. Unfortunately, there are no active funded in vitro meat research programs in the United States. To address this issue, I have submitted a project titled “Hydroponic Meat for a Sustainable Planet Earth” to the American Express members project contest. See link-


    New-Harvest.org has been selected as the funding recipient.

    Top nominated and discussed projects are eligible for $2.5 million in funding.

    If you are in support of in vitro meat research, nominate this project and add a comment.

    We are the pioneers of the future. This is your chance to participate.

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