87 Acres of Onion Rings

Heavy Chili

An imposing network of fat expressways feeds the protein of the city of Atlanta to its the exurban sprawl. Those travelling these acres in turn need sustenance; much of it is provided by an expansive fast food standard known as The Varsity. A model of sprawl itself, this drive-in restaurant boasts dining room after dining room of bright lights and perfectly greasy food. Imagine an entire state fair’s worth of food, enclosed and suspended above a network of highways, and you’d be close to what you find wandering around The Varsity. When I was there, on a quiet Saturday night, it was positively eerie to see so many empty rooms sitting ready to host so many souls seeking enlightened combinations of chili and cheese.

On the other hand, you get a free hat. That’s pretty nifty.

The menu differentiates between “chili dog” and “heavy chili dog” – need I say more? All the meat comes fresh every day (never frozen like the typical franchise slumhole), and you can tell. On top of all that meaty goodness, the French fries and onion rings are absolutely amazing, especially the fries – classic American style, no messing around. One warning: the portions are small, so get two of whatever you order. Is it good for you? No. But it’s so much better than eating another lifeless QPw/C as you barrel across the grey landscape of another American city bulging unchecked. Support quality fast food and eat at places like The Varsity.


One Response to “87 Acres of Onion Rings”

  1. J Scot Franklin Says:

    I have been to many hot dog stands in multiple states and
    THE VARSITY ranks near the top for chili dogs. This place is massive and if you go on a weekday at lunchtime or during a Georigia Tech game across the street the place will be packed. But don’t worry! The counter has something like 30 cash registers taking orders and workers move the lines rapidly with “What’ll ya have, What’ll ya have?” which has become their slogan and is repeated often. Be sure to get their signature Frosted Orange with your chili dogs and fries or onion rings! Or for a truly American drive-in experience, let one of the curb-hops take your order at the car while parked in either the under-cover or roof-top lots. But I recommend going inside, since you will see the largest hot dog place in America and get a free hat!

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